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  1. I'm glad this **** happen, now I'm sure DJ is gonna cry and try and wait for Borg or go after another very easy target instead of challenge himself.... dude is after that record and will sooner fight a fan next then a guy with a legit chance at beating him...... I'm not trying to hate on Borg but come on a dude who struggles and goes to decisions with everybody he fights is not gonna beat DJ plain and simple..... Karma's a **** DJ cried his way into a handout situation and end up with nothing when Karma came knocking lmao
  2. This I like the dude as a fighter but I get so sick and tired of hearing him and other's give up all their hard work and their trainer's and team mates hard work to a fictional being.......
  3. Ok so I have a bill to prove the email is used and has a active membership on it but every time I go to log in it tells me email is not recognized.....how do I get this **** fixed folks
  4. Do you have a learning disability?

  5. LOL Hey POS sorry for not looking out for typos I'm sure you're sorry fkboy ace is perfect huh
  6. LMAO ok now we are going into fairy tail land, the changes of that happening are less then Nick getting the shot at the belt. I really can't see Woodley beating him either simply because Nick would out point him all night long and if Tyron took him down then he would more then likely get tapped.... Diaz is not a whiteboy either lmao
  7. I never said he deserved it just covering the rumor is all
  8. To hell with it lol I just made it my profile pic
  9. Damn **** pisses me off lol I've still not figured out how to get pictures to actually show uo here..... War Diaz
  10. Go ahead and get the replacement ready, Jones gonna be firing up that stem up again, hitting and running off on a pregnant woman, taking tainted supplements or some **** just wait.... I really hope not though I'd actually prefer seeing him make DC cry again
  11. Yeah my bad man lol I work a whole **** ton and never get to mess around on here I only just this past week brought my pc from back home in Florida... I'm sure they will move it over or what not
  12. He did ok for the fight as a whole but like the last minute was nothing but laying in a dudes guard with his face buried in his chest just winging out shots that were not landing maybe 1 of every 10 hahahaha
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