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  1. i have been doing bjj now for 2 years but i was injured for half a year and just got back
  2. He hasnt done ANYTHING.he keeps saying **** about the ufc not giving him his shot and silva not having beat anyone... think again weidman. you suck. you aint getting near the title. you are truely overrated and believe your own fake hype. will be fun seeing you getting derailed soon. i agree with you god i hate this guy he beat a fat out of shape munoz and did pretty well against point fighter galvao in bjj and he now thinks he is gods gift to mma
  3. Cuz he's the rep of the turk political party...I never asked if he's the turk rep for Bulgaria or not though o ok and the would be assassin was probably some kind of racist there is a good chance of that....I know the people of Bulgaria normally hate turks cuz they used to rule them at some point and treated them bad While Bulgarians are pretty damn cool people to Americans from my dealing with them...they sure do hate Turks and gypsies (but most of europe hate gypsies) I remember going to a club in America with a friend of mine from Bulgaria and a band was playing next door call Gypsy Wisdom...he left to go hackle them and they were not even gypsies...they just named thier band that lol He was chanting all night "there is no such thing as gypsy wisdom" lol i personally hate don't bulgarians but bulgarians like serbs are hypocrites (spelling?) my country was ruled for 500 years by the ottoman empire not that i like that fact but the turks treated everyone equally while serbs (not all of them) and bulgarians hate almost all muslims and they call us (bosniaks) turks just because the majority of us are muslim even though we are not that religious
  4. Cuz he's the rep of the turk political party...I never asked if he's the turk rep for Bulgaria or not though o ok and the would be assassin was probably some kind of racist
  5. he improved imo he is now trying flying knees and spinning kicks he is trowing more kicks
  6. why the eff are they speaking turkish ?
  7. is it vaca na caveir you mean wich means knife in the skull
  8. nog is my favourite hw i really really really hope he succeeds
  9. http://www.cdn.sherdog.com/thumbnail_crop/600/_images/pictures/20100626090839_IMG_1749.JPG how the eff do i post pictures
  10. you better give them what they want befor they go all last mohican on your a**
  11. god i can't wati till vitro knocks him the eff out
  12. awesome fight and tough one to predict but i hope the immortal can keep the streak going
  13. first was nogueira (still my fave hw) now lyoto machida and has been for a long time
  14. Reem has been stopped tko/ko'd 7 times,it's why he started roiding.He can defiNatly lose,those big K1 gloves seem to give him a false sense of security.Rua did it(ko'd) twice , little nog and Chuck also,and Kharitonov ,he is favored but make no mistaked---- Reem can be broken.CHECK OUT FIGHT WITH RICARDO ARONA, YOU WILL SEE HIS TRUE COLORS.--- i agree he is just overhyped
  15. bendo will beat pettis if they rematch the fight was very close except for the highhlight kick
  16. when a guy who just layed and prayed celebrates like he won the pride gp
  17. i think okami will make him gas and out grapple him
  18. i think bigfoot will take him down I stopped reading here. good for you but overeem has tapped to punches three times and gasses quickly he has proven to be heartless if bigfoot can drag him into deep waters he can do it
  19. i think bigfoot will take him down and pound him out roiders like overeem gass quickly
  20. . awesome i started watching dragonball again not that long ago and will move on to z
  21. i think an 9 edgar is underestimating him
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