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  1. Horizon is a trash game. I maybe got 4 hours into the first one and damn near fell asleep. Overrated as hell. Only thing worth a damn was the Demon's Souls remake.
  2. The Doberman is a legend and would beat Khabib
  3. Still will be champion Don't @ me please
  4. No it's time to fight a dude who won't dive at his Jordans after getting bodied in the first round
  5. Drew "The Doberman" Dober has HEAVY hands!
  6. Drew Dober will probably end up being his best win on the way to the title if that makes it any better
  7. Been a while since I've called someone a future champion (if you didn't know, ask 12er about my Bisping threads). He's gonna finish Dober who I'm also a fan of and then retire Day-drinking Don.
  8. I saw a video of this dude fighting in MMA once which was the dumbest **** I've ever seen. How could he even win a fight? Lay and pray?
  9. Justin should defend his title against Conor and Tony can fight Khabib to be number 1 contender.
  10. Werdum should be cut after that terrible performance.
  11. Arguably the biggest legend in forum history imo
  12. The only game I'm probably buying the rest of the year is Cyberpunk. Everything else will be what is on gamepass.
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