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  1. Like for ''Erudite'' being used Mr Wordsmith .
  2. That is what USADA wants to use Magny's sample to figure out how you could juice and remain ultra skinny.
  3. If Usman or God forbid Colby get to championship spot you will like and miss Tyron even more. Usman is always acting like he is something special and everybody must bow in front of his greatness. Colby is busy making videos beside rental **** stars who have more Gel injected in their face than Big country has fat in his belly. They will not be better example of a champion than Tyrone.
  4. I am not the one who waggle his tails anytime his Idol posts a comment to say : "Hey Patster please pay attention to me.Now I think I am somebody in this forum.".
  5. Once I liked him as an analyst. Now I am still using his photo because I am a loyal fan I guess. As a fighter he was not even a can.
  6. Top Brazilian fighters do not have a good record in on time retirement but Aldo could be the first. I am kind of optimistic about it.
  7. Masvidal has a little belly in 170 which I don't see in elite of elites. If he was not lazy he was amazing.
  8. The Inaugural Year 1993 on the belt in Roman numbers"MCMXCIII" seems quite like our own Mcmax3000 name. I like to think Mcmax name is on the belt as a member of UFC forum to validate the belt.
  9. Your point is valid if they were fighting at 135 . They are meeting at 125 so if TJ loses he is still a valid and solid 135 champ until somebody dethrones him in a 135 fight.
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