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  1. Idiot? He's getting a title shot bro. I say idiot because I believe Aldo is more of a threat than Benson. Now if Pettis gets beaten badly by Aldo I can guarantee you he goes back to LW with his tail between his legs crying about how he still deserves the number one LW spot thus UFC putting him in ANOTHER NUMBER ONE CONTENDER FIGHT when he should be the LW champ by then or at least in a LW title bout. Then Cormier will appear in front of Pettis and say "You should have waited for your title shot". BUMP. Was I right or was I right? He should have waited now he's injured AND blabbering about how he deserves to fight Benson! Dude you missed your chance you can't just cut in line total BS.
  2. Hey come to my gym! Guaranteed to have your forearms jacked in just 5 minutes. LMAOOOO
  3. Huge fan of this guy I hope this guy does well. The gym looks excellent.
  4. Maaaan Henderson vs. Penn has been an all time dream fight for me! Could you imagine the grappling war between those two!? It would be insane!
  5. Damn both their styles are soooo similar. But I think it might be a little too late though. Never say never though.
  6. I like Davis but if he comes in like he did when he fought Vinny (average striking and gassing by the second rd) he instantly loses.
  7. W No doubt it's going to be Glover stepping in. This gives Rua a chance to show off his new boxing skills. Glover won't be allowed to fight Why not? Is he injured?
  8. No doubt it's going to be Glover stepping in. This gives Rua a chance to show off his new boxing skills.
  9. The only other one I can think of was the Karate guy that Ross Pearson beat. Not sure. Would need more specifics. Thanks for this. It was Junior Assunção
  10. I remember he fought on one of the Brazil cards. I think for his fight he mimicked Lyoto Machida's Karate style but he wasn't even trained in Karate at all. He won by UD I think.
  11. Unlike JDS Cain moves his head really well and moves "FORWARD".Cain commits to his strikes,JDs just likes to stay out of range and counter.JDS's power comes from guys walking into him. Cain is easily the elite of this division,cardio ,striking,wrestling,engages,commits he comes to fight,not run and counter. Agreed Cain is the full package no doubt.
  12. LOL how did JDS win? Can someone describe? Wheel kick KO! WTF!? NOOOOOOOOOOO WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!
  13. LOL how did JDS win? Can someone describe?
  14. Oh man I wish I was watching right now! It seems like a pretty intense fight by the sounds of it!
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