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  1. I am only speaking specifically about fist fights and the Jesus vs Morgan fight. I don't pay much attention to the gun fights, but the ammo explanation is that Eugene gave both groups the recipe for bullets.
  2. Well he was fighting Jesus after all. All joking aside it was actually a pretty good fight scene. They manager to make it just flashy enough that it wasn't boring yet still somewhat believable. Then again it happened on the walking dead which isn't known for its fight scenes so it could be like the last girl at the bar at 2am.
  3. Your lucky Jesus doesn't hold a grudge or he would pop out of some truck or something and kick your **** for that.
  4. I'm a 93er, my favorite fighters were knocked out by old age a long time ago. But I'm pretty sure Jesus is the P4P ultimate apocalypse fighting champion. He just defeated Morgan who was the interim champ.
  5. Jesus beat down Darryl and Rick at the same time like they were small children.
  6. About time. I think it takes best zombie apocalypse kung fu fight.
  7. I don't come on here much anymore. But I watched the second episode and figured I would come and see if anyone was commenting and ****ing about the show in this thread. I'm guessing after a one and a half episode long gunfight it is probably to slow and needs more action.
  8. I agree. i thought the season was one of the better ones. But I tend to be easy going with shows or in other words easy to please. It must be exhausting being angry or disappointed at every single episode. Whenever something like glen under the dumpster happens I just say oh well, he escaped under a dumpster.
  9. First, I am sure there are guys running around who have an idea of how to run a tank. For example maybe Abraham before he got his head smashed or the guy with the governor. Second I did not make a prediction. I said the preview that I saw made it look like that is what happened. And although they did not agree to help there was a general understanding that they are on the same side. If they ran to Negan to warn him and showed up with Negan, I would count that as a betrayal. Your inability to grasp that concept explains your political views. But thanks for the PDBH. (Public display of butt hurt.)
  10. And it begins. Must have been traumatic.
  11. Ok, I am here to witness the butt hurt, so everyone line up, take this doll and point to where it is that the writers of the walking dead touched you.
  12. I found it amusing that tending lettuce is all you got out of that scene.
  13. First of all, just because you are not creative enough to find a way to get it there does not make other people stupid. But your totally right, someone sitting around several seasons into the zombie apocalypse trying to figure out how to arm their village with abandoned armored war machines wouldn't last long enough to find a tank. And don't bring reality into this. If we are worried about availability of fuel then nobody would be driving anything because the fuel would have all gone bad already and would be screwing up their engines. I doubt everyone ran out and dumped fuel stabilizer in all of the gas when they heard there were zombies and I don't see any oil pumps running in any of these communities. Now moving on: Did anyone like the last episode better? They seemed to speed things up by jumping back and forth like most have been asking for. Also they made it look like the kingdom is going to betray Rick in the preview for this week. Is it a set up, or were the producers just ****ing with is.
  14. So does anyone think Rick will pickup Tara's feminazi cult? Will there be any more groups or does he have enough to go up against Negan? Why don't they just go searching for army bases and get some tanks?
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