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  1. Let's eat some D together
  2. 1 in 12 billion chance someone out there has boardwalk right?
  3. no one watches Dancing with the Stars except for 40+ year old women.
  4. I would love to introduce her to my wife and develop a healthy relationship and friendship.
  5. The fact Edgar held up LW with the crap with Maynard is the only reason he shouldn't get a shot. Other than that he deserves it.
  6. put a penis in your mouth... if it feels right then you're bi...
  7. how just a normal pic of sage northcut taken yesterday
  8. **** everyone in this thread. You are all ****tards. Dogs suck. I hate them. You every notice how ****ed society is when people care more that you forced your dog to sleep outside then the millions of abortions going on... GTFO.
  9. also, props to Fedor v. Lindland for their draw.
  10. males might have penises too. you should make a thread.
  11. Better fight than rda. Now stay at FW after the fight and slap at Edgar
  12. Misleading title. I thought the beat him off not kicked the **** out of him.
  13. Jones has faced every LHW (except AJ) tho how can you say he's afraid of power punchers? pretty sure Jones would take the fight and beat johnson more convincingly than DC did.
  14. Lol how would they know... Follow him everywhere and help him slide it in... GTFO
  15. loser retires. actually how about both retire after this fight.
  16. I like the fight. although what's next for Vitor if he wins?? No one wants to see him get another title shot. any way... Vitor TKO rd 1
  17. as weak as I am no need for steroids because just a normal workout schedule will benefit me greatly.
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