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  1. Jones is a cheat no way he ever gets considered for anything except for ....COTY...cheat of the year/s. Royce Gracie...GSP...Demetrious is an ok mention but he did fight in a children's weight class.
  2. FOTY lmao,i commented on that fight being an absolute snoozefest,i turned it off it was so boring.Both women seemed like they were waiting to counter,imo one of the worst fights of the year.
  3. I keep saying Dana is an idiot and proves it again. Dana tries to downplay this by stating people get punched in the head all the time in a Irish pub.People do not need to live their lives like this,in fear some **** like McGinger might be there ready to punch them in the head.a SUCKER punch.Dana talks about you can't do this when your a star person,NO DANA you can't do that EVER no matter who the hell you are,geesh he's an idiot. Nice job you coward McGinger,SUCKER punched some old dude.McGregor SHOULD have been arrested since they know it is him,there is no reason for any investigation,you can see the old dude doing nothing,looking the other way. Money goes to your head,just look at Conor,money gone to his head,he has become a brain dead zombie walking around looking to stir up trouble everywhere.His Whiskey is likely goat's piss anyhow,nobody should drink it,would be funny to hear his response if announced sales are 50 bucks,all purchases by Conor himself.
  4. Didn't see the scrum so just watched it. Kind of funny Jorge goes over and starts teeing off on Edwards,3 shots and did squat,so much for the power puncher lmao.Furthermore,it looked like after the 3 cheap shots Jorge was actually starting to backup for fear of getting hit back. I would say Edwards is going to be a tough match but then again Jorge is a bit over rated,i like him as a fighter but he is arrogant and not as good as he thinks he is. He KO's Askren,is Ben a striker,not a chance in hell and he would be the first to tell you ,so there was literally no risk coming out the way he did,not like he misses and Ben catches him with a counter lol. Jorge looked sketchy to beat Till but hey he did a great job and won that legit,so he has one legit win,Askren's was a fluke,9/10 Askren wins it. I highly doubt he has a chance at all versus Colby,he needs another fast start catch him off guard type win or else it would be a long night. What Jorge brings us is a fighter that will actually engage and fight,so kudos to him for bringing us some exciting fights,i am really tired of watching guys dance around the ring never engaging.Just watched Schevchenko-Carmouche and was falling asleep,unreal boring,had to turn it off. Jorge always has a punchers chance but so did Hendo and i would never say Hendo was a great fighter.
  5. zaksame

    John Lineker Cut

    Well i hope he was cut for not making weight and not because he pulled out because of an injury.I just find it odd the UFC chose their words careful to avoid any lawsuit.....he was "non professional"..lol You know how many fighters we could say are non professional,how about the guy they paid the most money to ..>>CONOR,he is as non professional as they come.I even remember when asked weather Conor would hold the 145 belt hostage and Dana defended him saying "if Conor says he will defend it next after this fight,i believe him".That never panned out,he was all over the place,moving up to 155 because he saw an easy midget to get that belt and then 2 fights versus Nate.Conor has been late for press conferences,fight promotions. The real truth?Dana does not see Lineker as a money draw,so he won't let it slide,if a non money draw pisses him off at all,he cuts him. I already mentioned the PROPER way to run this sport..LISTEN up Dana you plug!! If a guy misses weight even ONCE,he is forced up a division and it continues that way until he starts making weight.SO if he misses weight 2x he is going from 145 all way to 170...good luck.Also this 20% crap needs to change to 50%,you need to make REAL meaningful deterrents if you want change.SO imo i blame it all on Dana for not running this like a real professional,he does not know what he is doing as a boss/frontman for the business. I am still laughing at the notion Dana let a scrub WWE plug into the sport that was obviously NEVER going to be anything MMA,no not the giant Lesnar but the punk CM punk.How can you take a business boss serious when you see him invite a can like CM PUnk into a sport full of hard working real skilled fighters?
  6. zaksame

    Stick to modeling

    He will be spending the rest of his life with his three buddies......his sandals,his sunglasses and the little chin man Faber.All 3 can spend romantic nights on the beach,have luxurious meals and ****tail drinks at the beach bar,good luck Luke maybe there is a spot over at BNF...ummm wait no,you would die.
  7. IDK man that was fast,maybe Askren was looking for his Twitter account when he got smoked.The knee wasn't as bad as Rogan made it sound either,Jorge only got in about a half upwards swing with it,if he hit him with a full follow through flying knee,Ben would have been exchanging Twitter one liners with the snack bar. I guess Ben forgot this is a fight and not a crotch grabbing match. This is going to ruin everything Ben has accomplished till now,everyone will simply remember this stiff pose he was doing on the mat. Next time be more humble,respect your opponent.
  8. Luke has the same problem he always had,he doesn't take his opponents very serious,he thinks he is too good. He also looked bigger and slower,sort of like how GSP looked bigger and slower versus Bisping.He seemed to almost stand right in there saying,you can't hurt me,i am can hurt you more,then just like Bisping ,get;s Ko'd.We saw the exact same scenario when Weidman KO's Silva,a lot of stupidity in these fighters brains.
  9. The ONLY reason Jones won that is again his reach.Santos was having a real tough time reaching Jones as Jones was for the most part leaning on his back leg in a defensive manner. I still feel it was the little things that cost Santos a chance at winning. 1 He needs to keep his hands more defensive the way Jones does so he can move in close. 2 His corner was good for what?I mean Rogan mentioned it and i am sure many viewers thought he should be utilizing more kicks or even the straight leg to jones Knee the way jones does when it gets too close. There has been over the years a lot of mention of using feints.The problem and i saw it in the Holm fight as well is that feints keep your opponent on their toes.You have to know WHEN to use feints,when to move your head,there is some legit reason to doing less to lure your opponent in or to catch them off guard. IMO a simple hand up and chop the lower legs of jones to knock him off balance.Also hands up and move in for a clinch,shorter guy gets his head under jones chin and bothers him,then attack the body.So many little things to change it up because Santos looked like a very predictable fighter.
  10. That had a couple upsets which to me were not all that surprising. A black belt gets submitted lol. Gustaffsson to me looked terrible.He looked like the running man and his strikes looked like girly slaps,never committing.Third round he had a couple of moments but imo the fight was only interesting because Smith gave Alex way too much respect.After the 3rd round his team said "not enough volume"well yeah ,geesh just go after Gusty ,he wasn't offering any offense,mostly just running,just go after him and finish him. Kind of lame card really,taking advantage of a Sweden crowd by delivering their hero and offering a really weak card.I am sure the UFC cashed in well off that card.
  11. Zabit should make easy work of Ortega who relies too much on power.Sure we saw how power had Zabit a bit worried in his last fight but Ortega is imo kind of slowish,he reminds me more of a non athlete who just found a gym and took up the sport.Athleticism is huge in MMA,Zabit is lightning fast,VERY agile,very athletic combines with a high skill level,makes him really good.
  12. He never came up short,he has a VERY small arsenal to fight with and has not properly evolved to be a title holder.his best chance was early on before people figured him out,now he has no secrets left. Karate guys tend to fight backing up and NOT engaging properly,His lack of ground game pretty much eliminates any chance he has of staying in the pocket for fear of take downs.So he tries to fight well outside and hope and pray he can connect a leg kick.IMO he should have learned to mix up low leg kicks,aim for the knee joints or even sweep kicks to keep opponents off balance. Right now fighters know they can go inside and fear nothing from Thompson,he doesn't even have knowledge of elbows or uppercuts,he is a very limited fighter.Till on the other side is simply a big guy,size matters in the UFC since half the battle is weight cutting and putting it back on,actual skills are a small factor,toughness,speed,power matter more.
  13. He won't be paid a dime and doesn't change my perception of him. These guys have nutritionists,why the hell would he need supplements,he DOESN'T need pills,it is called eating right,exercising right,training right.In my prime i coldl wrestle anyone,i had to take on heavier people because it was too easy at my weight,i never once thought of ANY pills or even vitamins,i was healthy because of my huge activity level,i was always active in sports,every single day. So what is the TRUE back story,well idk it could go in many directions,like he or his team knew the pills were tainted and the very reason he was taking them.I also don't know HOW USADA handled it or the LEVELS of illegal drugs,like did they match a supplement dose or were they very large amounts indicating ABUSE,who knows. I also now realize that Testosterone therapy is still legit after hearing Nowitzki talk about some fighter not going through the proper avenues with injury and doctors.So it appears they USADA and the UFC like to keep us in the dark to the bigger picture and what is going on out there.My opinion,Romero is NOT a legit fighter and being a part of a wrestling program just further convinces me.
  14. "Stress" I feel his stress comes from being afraid of failure,that is why he fought safe for so long and once at the top was afraid to lose. I find it very tough to believe he has dreams in cinema,his acting is awful,like not even acceptable.He will simply go where his agents and the money take him.
  15. GSP is done,he will only take a fight now that appears to be doable,Bisping was very much doable.IMO GSp has almost become a worse fighter.His jab is much better but aside from that he has learned nothing and does very little to showcase skills.He is imo washed up...done.too bad ,he could have been easily 150% better than what we saw over the years. Now the sport of MMA is full of gym junkies,can't trust any of them,they all look jacked on some type of drug be it cardio drugs or muscle enhancement.It was fun while it lasted,now it is just bigger is better ,skills matter very little except when two guys are evenly matched in size and even then it becomes a fight of who has the longer reach. I do not consider MMA to be a SPORT,it does not resemble what true sportsmen do when competing.
  16. Well putting Jones on his back could be possible,i doubt it seeing how bad training is in MMA.The level of skill+fight IQ just seems to be very far and few between. I seldom see fighters understand how to get inside and how to fight for hand position.Should be easy to get inside and do some trips,you have to get in fast and safe but mostly fast and aggressive.The problem is pretty much every single fight has two guys at a distance,with one guy utilizing a better reach and better distance control.Big guys don't seem to have the cardio to bust inside consistently and small guys just run around a lot. I guess my point is that we shouldn't mock his notion because it really is very much doable if he has any brain at all.So maybe he has caught on,learned how to get inside safely and is ready to give it a go,idk,not likely but we will see soon enough.
  17. There are 3 obvious lanes of cheats,wrestlers,Brasil,Russia.Those 3 circles will never catch or declare one of their own as cheats,it appears to be common and accepted. I actually feel VERY few are legit in the sport of MMA,it is fast becoming the joke of athletics,no real sportsmanship in this so called sport.When i grew up going through high school...college,only once did i see pills and was offered to me as well,i obviously said no and go figure the guy offering was the top athlete in school at the time.For the most part,everyone just played sports ,legit,legal,with skills no outside interference,now because there is so much money involved,everyone is cheating.
  18. He is more worried about setting a record at 205,a weight class he should NOT be in.He should be fighting at HW. Maybe he should watch old Royce Gracie videos and understand he is a COWARD hanging out at 205 when he is likely way up around 235.Jones has only ever fought ONE guy his size and he struggled in that fight...Gustafsson. He shouldn't feel so grand about his accomplishments knowing he is always the bigger fighter,not much sportsmanship i guess where he comes from.
  19. I don't like this common excuse of "tainted" drugs.The way it SHOULD work is that if you want to go around popping pills,inserting needles,it is 100% up to you ands your camp to make sure BEFORE you take anything that it is legit.If the fighter and his/her team are too lazy then too bad if your caught. I am also sick of the garbage suspensions,they are more like a short holiday than anything.I know have heard Dana talk about money and taking food off their tables,TOO BAD,your a cheat you should be kicked out for good.The UFC is more worried about their business than doing the right thing,get rid of ALL of the cheats,no warnings,one time and your out. Safest way to not get caught,don't pop pills or do needles,SIMPLE,fight CLEAN.SPORT<<keyword should be about the person,the athlete and not who can take more pills ore insert more needles.I am really TIRED of EXCUSES,NO your doctor should not warrant these drugs,if you want to take drugs on behalf of a doctors advice,fine,your OUT for a minimum of a year IF you declared it BEFORE testing.
  20. Geesh the quality looks like some 1970's 9 mm cam. IDK what is wrong with Rose,she often seems so EMO and not a fighter.None the less,she was doing well until roid girl tossed her around.
  21. That was a garbage fight,Andrade has zero skill.How USADA cannot catch her is not surprising,seems there is some sketchy dealings going on with Brasil fighters,i assume similar to when Aldo was to be tested but the USADA guy was given the runaround.I laughed when she said Brasil fighters are born with super strength,i guess they are born with ped injections. Aldo is another lol,most of these Brasil fighters are always the bigger fighter in the ring,they would be nothing if fighting legit.Like that Andrade wouldn't be even top 20 or even in the UFC and Aldo has always been jacked. Man just thinking about how many recently ,Royce got caught,Aldos ordeal a couple years ago,JDS,this Costa joke,the past tree trunk scum Palhares,the old fart who fought Chael was running from testing,Silva,the list goes on and on and that is just the real obvious ones.Oh yeah Melendez because he was in the Gracie camp. I don't like talking about or giving any of these scum any recognition.Remove peds and Rose beats Andrade 10/10 times.
  22. I pronounce Brasil fighters with a P as in PED.
  23. GSP has been too inactive and looked very slow/sluggish versus Bisping,he would be smart to stay retired. GSP's biggest asset was his cardio,now he is all bulked up and i very highly doubt could even last 5 rounds.So i guess i am saying that i am not interested in those fights.Even if GSP was in great cardio shape,fast/quick he has never shown me to have very good defense,all his game relies on offense,being in control of the fight.Karate fighters in general do not do well backing up. What looks interesting for 155 or 170,well i feel we all need to see Tony fight Khabib although obviously it is a bigger fight for Khabib to fight GSp and of course would be a very respectful fight,no trash talking.USMAN is the guy at 170,no way is GSP going to out power him and grappling wise power matters.So GSp would have to cut all that bulk he had for 185 to get down to 155,i don't see it at all,so who could USMAN fight,i don't see anyone capable of beating him,hes huge for 170.
  24. Thompson reminds me of Holly Holm,skies the limit for potential but never evolved.He needs to get better training and adapt his style to at least the very minimum keep his damn hands UP. I don't even like his bouncing karate style because his opponent can time his bouncing back n forth and connect when he back peddles.That is another area i don't like from karate fighters,they tend to try and outrun an altercation rather than sticking,moving and countering.I know why he tries to avoid that is because he has terrible grappling and cannot stay in close,he doesn't have the skill set for that.So he is a one trick pony a great karate fighter but ALWAYS needs distance.His team SHOULD be training him to fight without distance. IMO it is similar to Cung Le,just too late in his career to evolve into the fighter he could be,so we will likely watch Thompson finish this contract and retire.
  25. I am sure Askren knows a street fight with no gloves is much more dangerous than in the octagon but would he actually be afraid of Jorge?I doubt it,i think what he would be more afraid of is just the complications of the ordeal,he doesn't want to get in street fights,he is not 18 years old anymore.Jorge still has the teenager big ego mentality,so yeah he is all the tough guy from the streets kind of personality. I don't see Jorge having much chance at all versus Askren,sure he is wiry,quick a decent grappler but Askren wrestles big strong technical wrestlers for a lot of years,Jorge is not in his league.Lawler is strong msot likely yet another ped user so yeah he is always dangerous but again Askren would always out grapple Robbie and win the fight,that was a 90-10 split on who would win.A fight with Jorge would be like 80-20 giving Jorge another 10% chance based on he is very fast/quick but still grossly outclassed in the grappling.
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