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  1. And you feel the need to state the obvious why exactly? see' date=' two can play that game![/size']
  2. TBH, christmas presents are simply a novelty that are the result of tradition, they are by no means the measure of ones blessings. Last year, I was grateful we could afford to get me new tires for my explorer. This year, I am exceptionally grateful that our son who was born prematurely is healthy & happy. The list could go on & on.....the best blessings are the ones you count throughout the year, not the gifts you unwrap on holidays & special occasions.
  3. Sorry to read that - EX2 was really only good the first time. I got a chain saw (that I really need to get some yard work done!), blue tooth headphones, all kinds of chocolate , and an electric/acoustic guitar
  4. Wasnt really saying the acting sucks' date=' so much as I feel their portrayal as professional & serious agents was very questionable, at least to me. But hey, whatever floats your boat Yes! It was clear that Surnow was def using alot of the current real0life situations and concerns and putting them front & center to be dealt with - along with lingering hypothetical that weve always wondered about. They would do a great job of taking a premise and "arguing it" from multiple angles either in a single scene or for the duration of an episode or series. I think all in all, some people walked away accepting that life aint pretty and you dont always get the luxury to endlessly debate which choice to make and thus its alot easier to sit on a high horse and espouse virtue without ever being in the predicament of having to endure the consequences.
  5. On a side note, I think a big reason 24 gained such enormous success is because it really came to prominence at the time when all manner of espionage & military/political crisis were sort of the topic de jour as a result of political climate and the war on terror mentality.
  6. I'd say from 6 on out are the best' date=' but 1 was really good. I dont know that I really have favorite seasons so much as aspects of each one that were really good. Homeland is alright, but sorta cheesy in comparison, IMO. TBH - the CIA operatives in homeland, with the major exception of Mandy Patinkin's character, are just not believable in any sense. I never really found 24 so much as predictable as perhaps maybe a bit "weird" at times? All in all, its great having a series in which there are more twists ion one episode than most other shows have in an entire season. 24 is truly the first series in which the assumption or expectation that a known good guy can quickly become the bad guy, or when someone beloved & important might just all of a sudden get killed, served as such a brilliant "mind ****".
  7. I miss that show - it blended a great deal of thought provoking storylines with practical, not overly sappy drama, as well as plenty of over the top action. The series finale was hands down among the best I have ever seen and really went along way to sum up the prevailing theme of a day in the life of Jack Bauer, and how the good guy doesnt always win. Seeing Jack "looking" at Chloe as hes telling her good bye (while shes monitoring him via drone) was pretty overwhelming.
  8. I hate you My mom & brother are anxious for this as well, theyre both asking me to post a review on facebook about what is real & what is made up about it after I see it.I replied "I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you"
  9. fav portion of the article - Everybody is talking about how we are going to pay for the huge national debt, but nobody seems to be talking about the runaway spending which created that record-breaking debt. In other words, the big spenders get political benefits from handing out goodies, while those who resist giving them more money to spend will be blamed for sending the country off the "fiscal cliff." spot-on!
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