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  1. Someone just nuke us already
  2. My bad home skillet. My eyes just skipped right to the list. Old school Jackie is the chit tho. Actually even new school Jackie is good. The Foreigner was dope. The bomb he made in the bathroom with the book of matches and the glass bottle was crazy.
  3. Well sure GSP would be best case scenario but if Conor loses I think Khaboob would come back to fight Max as well just to get the 30-0 We'll see, like you said who knows if he'll even come back at all. If he doesnt I don't really care because Max vs Mcgreg is still an awesome rematch.
  4. If Conor loses I think the UFC would much rather make Max vs Khaboob than Khaboob Porier tew
  5. No no no m8 Card went swimmingly for Uncle Dana. Buckley did get derailed I'll give you that but overall it was a fantastic card to showcase the sport for the casuals on ABC. Complete opposite of that first Fox card. KOs all over the place and a crazy main event. Max showing he's getting even better which sets up Conor Holloway 2 once Conor shows he's still the boss at 155 if Khaboob is temporarily gone. Max specifically said he wants Khaboob in the post fight interview and mentioned Volk was asking for a different fight so he wasn't going to force someone to fight him. I'll think Max will move up and fight either Khaboob next if he comes back or Mcgregor if Khaboob stays in hiding. Let Volk rule the 145 division. Max got real money fights coming his way.
  6. The lack of a size advantage that Max usually owns is a big factor imo
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