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  1. Lol wut. Trump came off a bit unhinged while body slamming Biden in the first debate, but he still won. Trump cleaned that up and absolutely trashed Biden the entire second debate.
  2. Youre back in my good graces m9 I always knew you were a bright boy
  3. I dont think you need lightning to strike to beat a retarded candidate like Biden or Schillary, if people just use their brains.... ok maybe a lightning strike is in order.
  4. Sadly gotcha is all its about now. Substance is dead.
  5. Haha I've been using this gun in Dayz Which brings me to this- Zerk if you only had one gun for the apocalypse what would it be?
  6. Too late OZs already been a fan since jungle fights no questions axed
  7. RIP Marlon Had high hopes for him coming into the UFC but he's done nothing but disappoint
  8. COD beta is dope my ninjas. They added another awesome Combined Arms map. I'm loving the burst M16.
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