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  1. And people need to be cut off from eachother to stop this thing from spreading like wild fire. So many can work from home now anyway and the government has approved a stimulus package to cover people should they be forced to stay home from work. No one is going to miss a paycheck.
  2. Being a wigga is gay enough. Being a sand wigga is crossing the line
  3. Lol my buddy just sent me videos of empty shelves and freezers from the grocery store. Anyway came in here to say I think the transit systems staying open in the US is extremely irresponsible. Basketball has shut down arenas that house, what, maybe 20,000 people. 10x that amount (probably more) go through major train stations EVERY DAY with much closer human contact than arenas. I understand Italy had a direct connection with Wuhan and thats why they shut down the country, but its going to be no different here or anywhere else if the world allows their transit systems to continue business as usual as I believe they are ground zero for spreading the virus along with hospitals and airports. While the measures taken so far of canceling organized sports and large gatherings might seem drastic, I think its a drop in the bucket if you allow the continuous close human contact that occurs on Americas transits systems thousands of times every hour of every day. Enough is enough. We need a minimum 2 week shut down akin to Italys or its only going to get worse. Actually its going to get worse anyway before it gets better but we can be doing a lot more to curb the severity
  4. Knockouts against the cage are always the funniest ones. The way people bounce around going down is priceless
  5. OmoGOAT

    Yoel Romero

    Hopefully he knocks Dizzy the fook out
  6. Enjoy his last fight. That nagger has zip flu fo sho
  7. The opponents should have refused to fight these Andy Wang Corona boys
  8. It gives me a Jason vibe (in a good way). Looks fun.
  9. Yeah m8 the trailers for that legit pissed me off. These cgi cnts taking jobs away from dog actors. Not to mention the cgi was god awful.
  10. Randomly caught 12 monkeys the other day. Held some extra significance with this Corona business, especially the airport scenes as we just had a guy come through Logan airport in Boston with the zip flu
  11. Props to max for hanging in there and getting the reversal but I think Cowboy took it. That sweet uppercut changed the whole fight.
  12. Awesome fight so far. Love when guys throw down like this
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