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  1. He's not fooling anyone most importantly Volk
  2. Exactly this. I dont know what anyone saw in the first fight to think that a Holloway with a far worse training camp is now gonna beat Volk. Volk cant be out pressured. His cardio is elite and pressure is Max's best tool. Dont see how he wins outside of a picture perfect semi flukey KO punch
  3. Sorry cashbro no dice
  4. Is that supposed to mean something for tonight when he's fighting the guy that handled him at his own game.............?
  5. This idiot hasnt been seen in weeks, neglects his event thread duties and then comes out of nowhere to make this trash thread.
  6. I dont like Max's new shaggy do and he said he barely trained because of covid meanwhile it looked from the preview shows like Volk was training his azz off. I dunno I just caught a lazy vibe off of Max
  7. Maybe Mccoont is just sucking off Animal Crossing 24/7
  8. Go suck a crocs diik m8. The bearded one is gonna send Uswoman back to Nigeria to become a scammer.
  9. Hmm after doing some research it seems the flying knee has worked quite a few times in mma...
  10. I cant wait to see the Thug destroy Andrade this time
  11. To me it looked like Tinfoil Feggy was being an idiot wigga like usual causing a scene and people were trying to get him out of the restaurant. That being said yeah that old dude made a mistake.
  12. Possibly the biggest card of the year so far and no thread. Fook off Mccoont
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