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  1. If they ban ghost guns paintings will come to life and the Stay Puft marshmallow man will crush New York in no time flat. Biden doesn't know what he's about to unleash
  2. Cant see this ending any other way than Gregory catching a shoe fade. Easy night at the office War Bam Bam
  3. What the hell would a negative test 2 days ago be good for. I could be rolling in the Rona after that test. Also as my esteemed colleague TwennyFo already pointed out, that swab test has nano machines in it m8. Fook getting tested. Fook getting vaccinated. I don't trust any of it.
  4. If you had any friends I would say talk to one over xbox live about a joke book so Amazon will send you one and you can finally have some material that isnt the hottest of hot CANadian trash
  5. Haha that chit is scary. I've had times where I've been talking with a buddy in a playstation party about something very specific like say a cheese grater then the next day I see ads or video reccomendations on YT for a cheese grater. It's true our phones collect an insane amount of data on us, but the point here is that you've never been denied the ability to travel or go to a concert because you looked at moose pr0n on your phone. Simply collecting data and denying privileges based on that data are 2 different things. I suppose it already happens to some extent with people getting fired for saying chit on social media but thats not even in the same ballpark as forcing people to get an experimental vaccine for a virus with a 99% survivability rate in order to board a plane or go see a Garth Brooks concert.
  6. What do you guys think about the whole timed aspect of expeditions ? I havent played it myself so maybe it works for the frantic aggressive nature of the game.
  7. First off you need a chill pill there Susan. Any time someone challenges your views you fly off the handle with insults because you simply have to be right about every single thing ever. It's sad really. Stop acting like a child throwing a hissy fit. It's nonsense that youre scrapping a guys entire career because he lost one fight. I guess GSP should have just up and quit when he lost to Serra. I guess Conor should have quit when he lost to lolJoe Duffy. It's combat, a fighter is bound to have an off night. One fighter losing one fight is not a condemnation of the entire organization. Nevermind a FLW which is a joke division to begin with compared to the rest of the mens weight classes. I never bought into the whole MM is the best ever anyway. Really skilled and disciplined sure, but again the comp at FLW is/was so much lower than the divisions that have been established for years and years prior.
  8. I mean it's a fight, chit happens. Like I said he was on a 3 fight win streak but I guess the sky is falling because he lost a single fight. Who knows he could go on a 10 fight win streak now. Apparently the image of the UFC has been shattered because a guy that lost his belt and left the promotion took 1 L in 4 fights. I'm sure all the up and coming prospects will now be flocking to ONE. The premise of the thread is dumb m9. No one cares about MM. People left the arena when his fights came on IN the UFC but ok continue to pretend anyone even noticed he lost in lolONE. Where did Dana touch you cashbro ?
  9. Jeff Nail was completely in over his head against WonderGOD but Magny is neither white nor a karate legend, so he dies at the hands of Mr Nail.
  10. So because washed up past his prime Eddie Alvarez lost a DQ and Mighty Mouse caught a knee it means the UFC isnt the top promotion ? It's not like MM went to ONE and lost 5 fights in a row. He was on a 3 fight win streak. Whats next Mark Coleman loses an arm wrestling match and Dana should sell the company. Cmon cashbro
  11. I didn't know Juice was a geography teacher.
  12. Also change the title to VILLAGE HYPE THREAD. May 7th my ninjas. Chit looks so much better than RE7 and 7 was quite good. One thing I am disappointed about is that it seems like you still cant aim down the actual gun sights. Weakens the gunplay for me in a first person game but oh well.
  13. Trickster looks like the most fun. It's the one I tried in the demo and even with basically nothing unlocked the only time ability I had was still a blast to use. I'm a sucker for slowing down time in games. It always feels so badass.
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