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  1. @BillPullman We need you to unite us in these dark times
  2. All the stitches in the world wouldn't be able to put that idiots lip together after Weidman gives him the backfist of doom
  3. Who cares about Edwards anyway. Just give Jizmat someone new.
  4. Hopefully IronGOAT gets a real opponent in a real match next
  5. Another card jam packed with nobodies for our viewing pleasure. Or maybe I'm just out of the loop on the new up and comers....?
  6. I refused to watch when they decided to keep Ostrich on the prelims instead of putting those conch shells on ESPN when the main card was 90% nobodies
  7. I feel like Soup could have given him a run for his money if Soup ended up getting involved in soccer instead of hape
  8. Juice ban this idiot from my distinguished thread. Bubbas ok for now but he's on thread probation so keep the hammer close.
  9. Imagine being a Canadian idiot super fan of a gay UFC fighter and spending all your time writing paragraphs about US politics.
  10. It wasnt funny the first time you said it and spamming that dumb line doesnt make it any funnier you moron idiot
  11. You too. I don't like cranberry sauce and stuffing is my favorite Thanksgiving side
  12. An Ostrich fight is a cure for insomnia and erectile dysfunction
  13. M8....you used to have witty things to say. I was a fan. Now its like your not even trying anymore. I hope your not beginning a downward spiral like your can buddy Tinfoil Feggy.
  14. Threads fine. It's simply an event thread isnt it ? It's the wanna be blonde coonts in the thread that are ruining it.
  15. I'm not enough of a fan of anybody to pay 50 quid for 1 fight that may or may not deliver. Here you go being daft again. It's his first fight back. Baby steps. If he's gotta do an exhibition as a warm up then so be it. You seem awfully caught up on the terms. Who cares what they call it. When the punches start flying I dont think Tyson will be thinking "Oh Roys just tagged me but Bubba says its an exhibition so I better not swing back too hard." You're walking on thin ice to be banned from this thread
  16. I'm not mad m8. I'll be stramming that chit anyway. 50 bucks for one fight is laughable even if it is Tyson. And yes I watched him murder some clowns as a young chap in the 90s with my dad. Tysons off the marijuanas now and he had a noticeable demeanor change the last time he was on Rogan a month or so ago. He looks ready to murder and eat children again but I understand why a man surrounded by fair hair gaybos and neutrality cant pick up on that.
  17. I guess you dont realize that Tyson isnt your typical human being. Now go be neutral in your country full of neutrality and gay blonde men. Hmm actually the fact that you moved there all makes sense now.
  18. Exactly. Even if it starts out light as soon as someone gets cracked good its gonna turn into a legit scrap.
  19. My buddy tried to get me into that game and shortly after release he had to abandon it because it was the hottest of hot trash. As far as I know nothings changed
  20. You and clog are finna find out that karate is the best base for MMA
  21. Plenty of people are pumped for Iron Mikes return prickles
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