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  1. I noticed this when they showed Rory arriving at the Key arena in Seattle, he had the long nazi style trench coat. Now im not suggesting he is a racist or nazi or anything like that but he is looking to me to be replicating the style.
  2. Chael, Nick Diaz, Shogun if he wins, probably Bisping if he wins... Undeserving title shots everywhere. I am a big fan of those guys, but fighters like Hendo, Weidman and Hendricks are getting screwed up big time. In my opinion, the UFC is losing its credibility with those decisions. I know, MMA is a business, but...
  3. He's going to lose to Cain guaranteed. He didn't get the real Cain in their first fight. He caught Cain in the first minute and it was game over. Not trying to compare these 2, but just like Serra caught GSP and won, it was the same instance here. Cain didn't display any of his skills that fight. He will bulldoze JDS and expose him for being one dimensional. I like JDS but Cain's the best heavyweight in the world imo. Even his coaches at ATT say Cain is the best fighter they've ever trained. Cain by TKO round 2 game over!
  4. I'm a huge Chael Sonnen fan. I would increase his mental toughness in the Octagon, if I could. I think he mostly loses due to psychological failings.
  5. I remember when Barnett fought against Nakamura in Pride he said in the post-fight interview that when he went for the sub he was soo excited that he didn't breathe and then gassed hard. Did the same thing happen to Pat? He's always been a guy with good conditioning but when he went for the sub he probably got extremely excited and forgot the breathe.
  6. I am here to learn.Thanks for sharing.
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