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  1. Hooker needs to find a new career or learn some head movement. He takes way to much punishment.
  2. 3-1 poirer. Hooker needs a stoppage
  3. That's a bit harsh m8, repeatedly passing out under park benches is a skill not everyone can master.
  4. Those electoral votes m8. I believe the numbers in 2016 were 304 against 227 in Trumps favour. Quite the margin.
  5. The only numbers ya'll need to worry about are the ones in November that give Trump another four years in the WH. Lol
  6. Here's what ya'll don't get. No one cares about the numbers, except you, and all the other ' orange man bad ' snowflakes. 😆
  7. Nagger please. You admit to seeing the photo of Biden in a empty room, but you ignored that completely to post on a Trump rally with thousands in attendance. Never the less i look forward to the page after page after page of you attacking and ridiculing Biden too. Lol.
  8. Contrast the thousands of people happy and positive inside to the dipchit angry violent protesters outside the event. Tells you all you need to know m8. I popped in and out to watch some of it. What a great rally, no wonder the left were desperate for it not to go ahead, lol.
  9. Pushing the the fake news narrative is not a good look m8.
  10. Count me in as a turrible person too then because outta the last half dozen pages this is the best post yet, and actually makes the most sense, lol.
  11. They're getting a lot of flack so now they're back tracking on the back tracking . It seems they're no longer quite sure what they're saying lmao. To cover up mistake after mistake they've constantly changed the narrative and moved the goalposts. At this point it's impossible to believe anything they say.
  12. The WHO backtracking bigly, lol. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/06/08/asymptomatic-coronavirus-patients-arent-spreading-new-infections-who-says.html. Somewhere there's another article where they now say that it's impossible for the virus to survive on hard surfaces.
  13. I remember reading about this. The source that provided the data they used to publish their findings turned out to be some random who pretty much plucked said data from thin air and was not in any way backed by scientific study or proper test methodology. Neither was it peer reviewed,lol.
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