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  1. Props to Kabab, he made that look easy. Good job for me roids refused to take my bet, lol
  2. I'm up for a double down. I got Trump and Justin. Both lose i go. Both win you go ??
  3. Weight cutting can. Doesn't Gaethje walk around at pretty much his fighting weight? And kabab walks around at close to 190? Not that it matters, Justin will still spark him out but it would be nice to see the cowardly turd move up to fight someone his own size. GOAT my big black a$$, lol.
  4. The funniest quote i've seen tonight, " if you don't know who's winning; you ain't black. " 😆
  5. Each side will claim a victory, no ones gonna change their vote over the debate. It was a good back and forth.
  6. Damn... Melania looking fine in dat mask doe............
  7. Biden gonna kill the oil industry, lol................. yep, the drugs are wearing off.
  8. Exactly ! No surprise that his team refused point blank to submit to a drug test huh.
  9. The moderator is doing a pretty good job keeping things in check.
  10. Tonights debate which historically has always dealt with foreign policy was suddenly switched to covid and other things already covered. The commission introduced a mute button, a first, and have warned that if either combatant steers away from the topic at hand they will be muted. How convenient for Joe should Trump try to talk to Biden about China, a subject that all the MSN channels still refuse to even acknowledge. Suddenly it all becomes clear, lol.
  11. Anyone catch Bobalinski on Fox just now, lol.
  12. Lol. SavageTrump........ https://rumble.com/vat4n9-trump-is-bringing-surprise-guest-to-debate-hunter-bidens-ex-business-partne.html?mref=22lbp&mc=56yab&fbclid=IwAR3_AlyQHT2L7xoDoIU0YeV0RIeep3x-guHwmmjFsceelMRgzT5vkgaeCQ0
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