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  1. Lol, the fora's devolved into a bunch of ****gits ****in about who does and who doesn't wear a mask.
  2. Very interesting interview with Reiner Fuellmich who's leading the legal battle against the corporations behind the World wide lock downs. Should appeal to those with an open mind.
  3. Yeah, just going into my fourth day and already going stir crazy but to paraphrase Baldrick i do have a cunning plan, lol. Met up with a pikey friend while over there in Blighty who once did four and a half years in solitary. He gave me a few pointers on how to pass the time. That's not him on the cover of the book shown, that's one of the Gunny brothers, but he has got a chapter in there all to himself, lol. A very interesting fellow who shall remain nameless.
  4. Shouldn't think so. Had to undergo two of the pcr tests and now i'm in 14 days of self isolation so i think you're safe pal.
  5. Just got back on Canadian soil last night Bubba but what an emotional ride that was m8, a total roller coaster. The moment i landed in Blighty on the 17th Boris or one of his minions was on the TV announcing ever tighter restrictions, flights were suspended, PCR tests were introduced, National lockdown was introduced, the appearance of the new super virus, the ****list just kept on growing. I honestly thought i could end up being stuck there for months to come. Worth every moment of the angst though mate and here i am so all's well that ends well. In the words of that world renowned philosopher Del'boy Trotter, " he who dares wins rodders " lol.
  6. It was a calculated risk m8 but tbh there was very little downside. If everything went to plan i would've been home after a month. If it all went t!tz up i get to have an extended stay with me bro. So long as this doesn't roll on for 6 months or more it's all good.
  7. Why do i always get the feeling that if you fell into a barrel of t!tz you'd climb out sucking your thumb. Risk evaluated and accepted before decision made and acted upon and here i am ready to rock and roll pal. As an Englishman, having a moan about the outcome is both mandatory and necessary.
  8. Yeah it's just a general statement borne out of frustration mate. Was having a blast tbh till this little nugget fell outta the sky, my brothers place is like grand central for all the local 'faces'. Very entertaining. Her maj loves the beard by the way, she thinks you and Harry could be twins, she said to say hello, lol.
  9. The new super variant is no more dangerous than the original it simply has the capacity to spread quicker. The quarantine procedure stays the same, the testing procedure stays the same so in reality there is no more risk in allowing someone such as myself to fly home as there was previously. It would've been nice for Boris to have negotiated a bit of breathing space into the decision to shut down all flights to at least allow anyone such as myself, still under self isolation, to make emergency arrangements to return home. A 72 hour period would have sufficed but Bojo had to go to a blanket panic move instead. Load of bollox
  10. Well that's me ****ed. Arrived here in Blighty on the 17th knowing full well the situation here regards the restrictions but intending to take a chance to spend some time with my brother. I figured i could get in and out before the chaos descended but i guess i misjudged that one. Thank you Boris you complete and utter ****.
  11. Hats off to Sweden Bubba. https://brandnewtube.com/watch/world-freedom-alliance-documentary-1-the-push-back_ljX7GxXugLABsVY.html?fbclid=IwAR3Mh51W2aOQzA83YoXkkI7UlPCMfy59k8Mjm8v33eZCnBpaI6c7EuE3WFY
  12. Priceless. Nice one svt. At the risk of repeating myself this is about control. It was never, ever, about covid-19.
  13. **** me. For a supposedly hard working fella with a business to run moz sure spends an inordinate amount of time chasing certain posters around. Weird. I'm sure moz will be along soon to explain how it's all in jest but it's actually just weird, and sad as **** tbh.
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