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  1. Lawler wins by K.O. in the very first round, big right hand!
  2. Well nick has to kick some ****, prove SOMETHING specially to fighters so called "runners" or "LnP game" he should fight against Hendricks and win in a dominant fashion.
  3. Dont like the idea having a silva/diaz for a comeback its very dangerous for both, i mean, it would be a war but its going to be the end of the road for the loser. Preffer Nick vs Brown or Lawler
  4. well anderson's legacy is not only based in his winning strike, i think its the way that he clowned their oponents. Its like his signature. MR. weidman (which i respect a lot) its still evolving and i cant find his signature style yet.
  5. decision victory over the undisputed champion? that's sounds odd to me.
  6. yeah probably beating up ufc champions must the part of being CAN.
  7. Pablosky

    Lawler is screwed

    matt brown is going to show his "ground" skill when he hit the ground, completly KTFO.
  8. He looked scared before but after he said "it's my career not yours" he's without a doubt scared of Gus. It's the only fight he even got close to losing(minus 10 seconds of the Vitor fight) and got hospitalized for it. I see Jones learning more from their fight then Gus though so I don't expect him to lose the rematch especially since Gus didn't look like a contender in his last fight. DC is a beast, I see him bulldozing Jones with freakishly good Wrestling. i dont understand, GUS dominated MANUWA and showed nice grapling IMO
  9. DildoGOAT #1 p4p Mendes is coming for you Brazil hu3 You say Brazilians suck, but your account name is AndersonIsStillTheGOAT. Confusion is strong with you. He is also a Brazilian **** off troll Are you trying to offend me? you're an insult for yourself you **** wipe!
  10. Pablosky

    Jon Pokes Jones HL

    nice video! anyone how think this is "rustled" (wherever) is a lame hugger in total denial.
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