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  1. Tyron knows if he has another lackluster loss (with zero offense), he will be cut. After he's cut, he'll say "Dey only cut me because I said blick lives matter! I is blick! Dey racist against blick people!"
  2. The crowd cheering when Struve stood up, and groaning when he wilted was great.
  3. I imagine any fight he is in will look like Fedor vs Zuluzinho from Pride.
  4. This thread is all over the place.
  5. That's Joe Rogan's reaction when he sees a leg kick.
  6. Tank Aboot looks like a guy who has gotten older, and suffered health problems. Doesn't look that much different otherwise.
  7. I'm concerned that Also seemed to think he won that fight. Must have been confident about the judges.
  8. I was literally falling asleep during this fight. I woke up at the right time
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