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  1. I admitted the **** I said, not like I didn't say it, he's mad over something that wasn't even at her Edit: He can be mad all he wants, I said **** and i wasn't drunk like Enigma...I hardly post here so it's no big deal to me I said what I said and he can overthink things if he wants...i'll talk to her about it when I feel like it
  2. Think what you want, it's separated as two comments and one is talking about seeing it in person and the other is just saying big girls can drink...I admitted the other **** why am i gonna deny a screenshot...it blatantly shows a real life account and another as saying she can drink cause big girls can drink..
  3. Uh, that wasn't at her guy, Reads as follows Big girls can drink too Separate one, "I've seen it in person"...that kinda lets the reader know I was talking about seeing what i THEN described in person, I didn't say L is *insert second comment here*
  4. If I said it i'll admit it. it's not like i'm gonna deny having gone along with the **** the others were saying but I didn't go as far as was being done
  5. Bolded doesn't correlate, seeing as you aren't really the topic asides from anyone but tim n KTFO, I merely laugh and made one pass o.O...Rustling is the game and live rustling is better when it's back n forth
  6. Why does your Sig not say "Official Rustler" boy?
  7. Choooooocolate Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain!!
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