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  1. Stephen "WonderGOAT" Thompson. Competed at the highest level of Kickboxing and went 57-0.
  2. I would have honestly preferred to see Aldo/Pettis but Melendez made the UFC his ****. And now we have to wait until December to see the Top 2 lightweights back in the cage.
  3. Anthony "Bones of glass" Pettis WILL get injured again and the UFC will set up an interim belt. Dont get your hopes up.
  4. Now we have to wait until Guyborg chops of his man parts and meets Rousey at 135.
  5. And this is why I dont buy UFC PPV. Robbed of a main event due to a ****ty stoppage.
  6. Why does Ronda Rousey try so hard to be a Diaz bro?
  7. Boxing on the rise?? *Insert shaq laughing gif*
  8. Is anyone testing Mcmann? Theres no way this chick isnt on roids.
  9. Lol Cummins looked like an amateur. He got caught with an uppercut in the clinch TWICE. Thats basic stuff right there.
  10. So much fail in one thread.
  11. How did Maia expect to LaynPray Rory for 15 minutes with such terrible cardio?
  12. LOL at Maia raising his hands after the bell. )
  13. I got rory, come at me bro. B-)
  14. Herb took a ton of criticism for stopping the Barao vs Faber fight too early and now he gets **** for stopping too late. Theres no winning. P.S. Im almost 100% he let that go longer than normal due to the flak he received in the Faber fight. Edit: And now that I think about it, thats the second straight late stoppage against Waldburger. Dude cant get a break lol
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