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  1. Havent even managed to leave Sydney this year LOL. A couple of weeks ago the missus and i went to the Blue Mountains for the weekend, thats the closest ive gotten to a holiday all year ( i was forced to take my annual leave in april when we were going into lockdown so a month on my couch does not count as a holiday)
  2. Looking like Russia v Turkey might be the darkhorse in this race. Azerbaijan v Armenia is getting nasty
  3. Pretty sure Jones is banned from every major media outlet, the podcast was still up on youtube though
  4. Thanks m9, appreciate the kind words. Im hopeful that things all work out.
  5. Been carrying this leatherman for a few months, it cheap and decent, but holy crap what a difference from the spyderco. Love the combo blade with launcher but i much prefer the flat grind on the spydey to this hollow grind.
  6. I have noticed the UFC side is mostly ok if a bit slow, but ive always had to work during event hours so i usually miss out. The outside section has always been what ive enjoyed most, but i just dont have the energy to engage with anything negative atm. On a positive note, my girl and I have decided to try and have a kid. Still early days, but fingers crossed there will be some good news soon.
  7. Yeah. I just realised that theres very little conversation to be had here anymore. People here dont seem to be able to consider others views and opinions without insults. I used to enjoy the drama here, but Its so far removed from the conversations i have IRL its just become jarring and unpleasant.
  8. I lost the bag of ****s to give years ago. This chit is pretty much cancer at this point
  9. Ive actually seen one of those dragging a decent sized huntsman across the ground on my way to work once. It was pretty cool
  10. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-10-17/new-zealand-election-jacinda-ardern-labour-reelected/12778444 NZ reelected Ardern in landslide.
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