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  1. Im a Doom man myself but Zemo is definitely A tier, been a fan since Thunderbolts.
  2. Praising this movie is the equivalent of giving a participation award, and i am unapologetic in recognising and calling it out as mediocre at best, insulting at it worst. You dont get a trophy just for finishing. It has a generic story, with an even more generic CGI bad guy with absolutely nothing going for him, zero charisma or nuance. The soundtrack is legitimately awful, dialogue cringe and our protagonists are still cardboard with no chemistry even with the addition of two extra hours of ultimately pointless scenes. I didnt give a chit about cyborg in the first cut, and i still dont four hours later. Someone should probably tell Snyder that just because you shoot something in slow motion and put a folk funeral dirge behind it doesnt make things super serial or raise the stakes, Its actually lazy and had the opposite effect of what was intended for me. I think im probably more disappointed with the undeserved praise it has generated than the movie itself. It is depressing to think seemingly an entire generation is so over saturated with mediocrity and lowered expectations they are no longer unable to recognise it, it is their good, their normal. To truly enjoy this movie youd either had to be a one eyed DC fan who has been desperate for years for anything to come along that gets them on the same footing as Marvel, or a simpleton. Falcon and winter soldier ep 2 was waaaaaay more enjoyable and well made.
  3. The Snyder Cut More of a failure of editing than a triumph of cinema. Ridiculously overlong, self aggrandizing and dour, it tries to fix the terrible and disjointed story from the Whedon cut by bludgeoning the audience with just way more.... crap. About 20 mins in when Bromoa gets his shirt off to jump in the ocean and the local wimmens just bust out in some folk song for a hot minute, my internal cringeometer went off the charts and never came back. The soundtrack is just so bad its geniunely embarrassing. And the four endings felt like Return of the King in that it just keeps going, but considering no sequel will ever see the light of day it was just flogging a dead horse. Marvel for all their flaws seems to realize that while you can have serious moments, superheros are by their nature inherently silly, so theyve managed to get a balance of action, humour and spectacle that DC just hasnt equaled. The fact that people are throwing the word masterpiece around to describe this self indulgent wank pushes us all one step closer to this
  4. Its flooding all along the coast here now. Brings out the locals
  5. We call them Ninja turtles Its a thing in high end and bespoke shoes.
  6. We're a nation built on self reliance, we've learned that Europeans are too lazy and unreliable so we get chit done ourselves. And who are you kidding, you're the embodiment of British politeness, if you were an ice cream flavour it would be organic vanilla with honey with a sprinkling of gingerbread on top.
  7. The plan here was to produce most of the vaccine locally so its a minor setback. We'll be fine in the long run.
  8. Youve stated yourself you dont have a clue what you are actually talking about so its hard to deny at this point.
  9. I should add, Liberal here is the name of the centre right conservative party, they are in government by forming a coalition with the National party, who are supposed to represent farmers and people in rural areas. Labor are the centre left progressive opposition.
  10. Its Murdoch V Zuck. Rupert wants facebook and google to pay for news content. Murdoch controls the media here andq bought the conservative liberal coalition government, so they do whatever he says. Google tried to threaten to block their search here which lasted about 2 minutes before they folded and started making deals. Now its a game of brinkmanship between the gov and facebook. Facebook is actually more tolerable since the purge.
  11. Developing situation https://www.news.com.au/technology/online/social/facebook-news-ban-backfired-dramatically-say-curtin-uni-monash-experts/news-story/b8dd4d34f12b0f4aaeba8a9b8d8cd568
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