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  1. Thanks, the baby banter has been popping up in some of my feeds, ive seen some mixed reviews, so wanted another opinion, and Sebenzas are a status knife imo, i get that they brought something new thats since been copied ad nauseam, but theyve maintained a high end status with the pricetag to boot.
  2. @Bwana What are your thoughts on the baby banter? Also not that im in the market for one, but Sebenza's, have you owned one, what are your opinions?
  3. Army of the dead feels like Snyder got a focus group together to spitball a bunch of disparate ideas about zombies and sci fi and just went **** it, we'll use them all and just figure the rest out when netflix throw us another hundred mil for a sequel.
  4. Cosmic Sin Bruce Willis Frank Grillo Some Bullchit/10 No one gave a **** making this movie, and you shouldnt watch it
  5. Forgot to add today we are carrying a dragonfly 2, orange frn and VG10. Pretty close to a perfect little knife for me, i open at least 20 or 30 small packages a day at work and this has the perfect geometry, ergonomics and weight to be indispensable.
  6. Who said anything here about carrying a knife as a weapon?
  7. Alright, im going to give it another shot, ill let you know if you've poisoned my family in due time. I will state now, i am not nor shall i ever be an appletv subscriber...
  8. Its been at least 15 years since ive attempted it, so maybe now is time to revisit and see if my tastes have changed.
  9. Ive not read the books either, Asimov tends to be a bit dry for me, but I appreciate the grand ideas.
  10. First ep of Foundation Too early to tell but **** theyve pumped some money into the production, vfx are movie quality. need to see a couple more to make any recommendations.
  11. I thought my phone was spazzing out for a hot minute.. I wish.
  12. Australia has a population of 25 million and 1289 covid deaths, clearly you guys dont know what youre doing and were ****ing awesome right?
  13. I think its almost a status symbol knife, very popular with youtubers, ( I got sucked in by DBK) but it doesnt meet my admittedly high expectations. I agree that some aftermarket scales would fix some issues but its almost unthinkable to me that id have to replace sometging that significant immediately. The Ti scales would be great but i could also buy a good quality knife for the same price. Ill probably pull it apart at some point to work out some of the kinks, but id be hesitant to purchase another Benchmade in the near future.
  14. So my Benchmade mini bugout arrived yesterday and ive been playing with it for thelast 24 hours and my feelings are a bit mixed. Overall i like the knife, its shape and design is clean, it weighs nothing and slips into the pocket very comfortably. Blade was very sharp out of the box but the axis lock and blade was stiff and needed some machine oil and a bit of breaking in to make it flick. Its also smaller than i imagined it would be (dont ask me why, i know its a mini but i just pictured something bigger) but thats also not a negative, i like small compact blades. Where it starts to fall apart for me is its is absolutely overpriced, compared to practically evey single other knife i own i feel like this gives the worst value for money. Ive read many reviews and a common theme is that it feels cheap, and thats honestly hard to argue. The lack of any significant liner in the handle keeps the weight down but makes it feel like hard use would break it. The Spyderco Para 3 LW is around $100 cheaper here, and i honestly think that if i was to hand both to a person with limited knife experience, they would pick the para 3 as the more expensive higher quality knife. Anyway hers some pics
  15. Boss Level 6/8 Went in without having seen anything about the movie, no expectations and it was fun. The CGI is a bit ****, and the story is pretty simple, but its fast paced, has some great one liners and Frank Grillo is having fun. Worth watching.
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