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  1. We're a nation built on self reliance, we've learned that Europeans are too lazy and unreliable so we get chit done ourselves. And who are you kidding, you're the embodiment of British politeness, if you were an ice cream flavour it would be organic vanilla with honey with a sprinkling of gingerbread on top.
  2. The plan here was to produce most of the vaccine locally so its a minor setback. We'll be fine in the long run.
  3. Youve stated yourself you dont have a clue what you are actually talking about so its hard to deny at this point.
  4. I should add, Liberal here is the name of the centre right conservative party, they are in government by forming a coalition with the National party, who are supposed to represent farmers and people in rural areas. Labor are the centre left progressive opposition.
  5. Its Murdoch V Zuck. Rupert wants facebook and google to pay for news content. Murdoch controls the media here andq bought the conservative liberal coalition government, so they do whatever he says. Google tried to threaten to block their search here which lasted about 2 minutes before they folded and started making deals. Now its a game of brinkmanship between the gov and facebook. Facebook is actually more tolerable since the purge.
  6. Developing situation https://www.news.com.au/technology/online/social/facebook-news-ban-backfired-dramatically-say-curtin-uni-monash-experts/news-story/b8dd4d34f12b0f4aaeba8a9b8d8cd568
  7. "They dont gotta burn the books they just remove them." Zack de la Rocha How the wheel turns
  8. I was surprised, had forgotten about him tbh honest. He should have kicked it years ago.
  9. RIP Larry Flynt, thanks for all the poon
  10. Here a shot of the belt sharpener at my work. Not a fan for multiple reasons, but it does work and you can set precise angles
  11. Happy birthday CB Heres to many more
  12. And some of my sharpening stuff, have a bunch more stones but this is the basic setup
  13. I have a pretty full setup, have some diamond benchplates to begin, 1000/6000 combo whetstone, then a series of strops with compound on them. Ive been using that setup for a couple of years and i can get most steel to a mirror within 10 to15minutes. Its become a bit of a side hustle for me. At my work i have an adjustable angle belt machine im not a big fan of. Ill post some pics over the coming days, just have bits and pieces everywhere at the moment
  14. Its a bit late but heres a pic of the pm3lw next to an ambitious. I think i already prefer it to the OG. Fit and finish is good, maybe not quite as smooth due to the construction, but should come good once broken in. FRN handles feel great, smoother edges, and more ergonomic,tiny bit of flex but still feels tough. Theyve taken something great and made it even better IMO opinion.
  15. Theyll still dominate gymnastics and equestrian
  16. Open gender and open weight are tew different things. Stipe vs Gabi Garcia would be a goer tho
  17. Reminds me of a couple of years ago when the Aus womens soccer team the Matildas got beaten 7-0 by an under 15s Newcastle boys team. We should just make all sports open gender, trying to force people to care about an inferior product and pretend its on equal footing is dishonest
  18. This one hit me right in the feels RIP Gamgam https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-01-28/cloris-leachman-dies-94-mary-tyler-moore-emmy-oscar-winner/13098088
  19. Comparison tool Lol Mexico... https://interactives.lowyinstitute.org/features/covid-performance/
  20. Cant believe they left Joe Exotic out of the pardon list, he had a limo with hair and makeup all ready to go. Must have been that b1tch Carole Baskins doing.
  21. https://www.news.com.au/world/north-america/us-politics/new-york-state-bar-association-considers-expelling-rudy-giuliani-over-role-in-capitol-siege/news-story/462c89f78f4e5560afa02dc8591b997f
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