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  1. So im curious, what happens from here? is this just going to fade away in a week or two , business as usual, does it lead to an escalation of violence as the people become more polarized and unwilling to talk, or does this lead to something positive in the not too distant future.
  2. It 645pm in Sydney, Oz is an hour or two behind, just that time of day when were all prob able to spare a couple of minutes. Hope all is well mate.
  3. Well covid finished what the tiger didnt Rip in pieces Roy, youve gone to the big Joe Exotic park in the sky
  4. Well personally im now better at recognizing the symptoms of a stroke so it wasnt a total loss
  5. What strange times we live in
  6. Still comes down to spider or worm and spiders in Australia always win
  7. Come down and take a 30 minute walk through the bush and find out
  8. One is a worm and one is a spider, and in my own personal experience I use the "how much does it hurt on your junk scale, and having had a leech and about 20 ticks, theres no comparison. Also leeches can be easily removed with salt or fire while ticks often have their heads and mouthpieces breakoff under your skin upon extraction.
  9. EASILY the biggest news of 2020 https://www.news.com.au/entertainment/tv/tiger-king-nicolas-cage-to-play-joe-exotic-in-new-series/news-story/aca965a51964081d521728749b88f783
  10. The ticks here cause paralysis Check and mate
  11. Because were not talking about circumstancial or speculative evidence, were talking about independent and corroborated data. The discovery of the electromagnetic spectrum and its subsequent study is one of the most well researched fields in science.All the leading independent bodies dispute these dangers due to a fundamental understanding of its properties and the boundry between ionizing and non ionizing radiation. Remember there are still scientists that claim vaccines cause autism, people believe in the flat Earth and chemtrails. Just because they are a minority doesnt mean they are wrong, but does mean they need well researched and compelling evidence to disprove the alternative. This is where these pieces fall apart. Mobile phones cause cancer in rats? Sure (but only when you expose their entire bodies to levels of radiation an order of magnitude greater than a mobile phone over 9 hours a day for two years). Its misleading bad science and doesnt pass the pub test as we say here
  12. Yeah were back to not being on fire everywhere. Its nice.
  13. The problem with opinion pieces like this is they sound good, uses scientific terms etc. Author appears to have credentials. But it uses bad data and flat out lies, and relies on the fact most readers dont have the educational background to look deeper into the topic or which sources can be verified. Its just smart enough to catch peoples attention but upon closer inspection it doesnt hold up.
  14. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.abc.net.au/article/11416070
  15. Lol thats how i roll homie
  16. Is injecting disinfectant the new tide pod challenge?
  17. Had a high fever last week, sore chest and felt generally chitty wok. Had the Covid brain probe and just got negatory results. Think weve been averaging about 6 or 7 new cases a day in my state. Theyre talking about easing restrictions in a few weeks, but its looking really positive here right now
  18. Wasnt sure if the supply here was going to be affected so i bought an extra 2 oz to sure up my supply, but so far no issues thankfully.
  19. RIP in piece Brian DenneGOAT
  20. Thats Nyango Star, everyone favourite cat apple ghost donut mascot.
  21. Hows things looking in the plague lands?
  22. Just saw a vid of the dude that plays black panther, looks like hes got cancer or something, dude needs a big mac or 12
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