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  1. https://amp.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/nov/25/trump-2024-president-reelection-bid-domain
  2. http://sitn.hms.harvard.edu/flash/2015/rna-vaccines-a-novel-technology-to-prevent-and-treat-disease/ Remind me if Harvard is a credible source
  3. Not surprising vaccine will be mandatory for international travel. Most people dont have a problem getting shots for hep a and b, TB, cholera before traveling to a foreign country. It is a logical extension. I should add that im firmly pro vax but think forcing people to undertake a potentially harmful medical procedure should be approached with extreme caution. As others have stated the timeframe is unprecedented, and as uncomfortable as it may be, i think keeping international borders closed for an extra 12 months would be preferable.
  4. Well just to make it clear to everyone that if i do see chit like that im going to do something about it. Pretty much everyone left here has been here for long enough to be familiar with eachother. Im not saying everyone suddenly has to play nice with each other but lets keep that one off the table, like it is everywhere else in decent society.
  5. Sorry that was actually the wrong post, you were bant for telling cb to fook off and die. My bad
  6. Im arguably one of the more lenient mods here, i really dont give a chit if you guys argue and rip on each other, but there are still some things that can get you a timeout, because i really shouldnt have to tell a bunch of men over the age of 30 that there are some lines of common decency that arent to be crossed.
  7. I bant him for a week for being a twat. Hes back tomorrow and im sure there will be some abuse of power comments etc.
  8. What happened? Im not sure how the insurance system works over there but are you covered?
  9. I can never understand how women can draw on a pair of eyebrows with a sharpie and think it looks good. Anyway, desert background, possible drug paraphernalia, her elbows are probably too pointy as well 2/10 would not bang
  10. I know youre not familiar with Australia but this is a blog by an unnamed editor from the cairns post in bumfuk nowhere. Thats three strikes from three. You literally couldnt post a more untrustworthy source. Take a breath, take a break from facebook and youtube mate.
  11. Thats a great score mate, kershaw make some quality products. Ive dropped 4 or 5 knives over the years but yet to pick one up.
  12. https://www.news.com.au/world/north-america/us-politics/explosive-text-reveals-brutal-proud-boys-split/news-story/cd81e50751f8090822fb755fa7e03d70
  13. This is going to blow up over here in the coming weeks/months. Multiple sources allege Australian SF operators commiting war crimes in the Afghanistan deployment. https://www.news.com.au/national/politics/scott-morrisons-warning-ahead-of-australian-war-crimes-report/news-story/c5da57920013449df801b0294292f57f
  14. https://www.news.com.au/world/north-america/us-politics/us-postal-worker-completely-recanted-allegations-of-election-ballot-tampering/news-story/7460539a62f2ccf4fca3a8fc9f855c2d
  15. RCP never called it for Biden
  16. https://www.news.com.au/technology/online/social/arkansas-police-chief-reported-to-fbi-resigns-over-parler-posts/news-story/54bd9eb88d9acc9e9421176b0cd58e5d
  17. US expat who moved when Obama came in. Been consistent for years. Yeah hes laughing at us all right now lol
  18. I dont know if theres a cottage big enough for zerkbot right now.
  19. https://www.news.com.au/world/north-america/us-politics/the-130000-bet-that-shows-huge-us-election-favourite/news-story/fc4714998743b5aae8f0d3afe4427f5c Sportsbet is paying out for Biden now
  20. I just ordered another spyderco para 3 but the lightweight version. FRN scales instead of g10 and cts bd1n blade instead of s30v. Cant wait https://images.app.goo.gl/Qvi3AWtUgR41jN4L7
  21. Dont hold out homie, we need some cliff notes on content
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