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  1. reported for harsh verbal assault. (keep that nonsense to yourself young man)
  2. Takedowns don't win fights no more.
  3. The only person Diego would lose to in a 5 round fight right now is gsp.
  4. 8.5/10 Solid thread. Bones would have nothing for him.
  5. Lol, wouldn't it be amazing if gsp decided to vacate his belt to fight diaz like he said he would, and condit would be forced to sit out for over a year and his plan to play it safe+ wait for a title shot would backfire
  6. Lmao, i meant to put hendricks. haha my bad im hih
  7. Alves and Diego both had extremely impressive 'losses', and while that fight would be guarenteed fight of the century imo that would be a tough fight and they both need a win now. I say feed shields to sanchez first, and give thiago to the winner of kos/hendricks. Also i could see kampmann going on to face ellenberger since condit is too busy sitting on his *** the rest of the year.
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