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  1. What’s a second treason charge anyway? They can only hang you once!
  2. The feds were rolling up in unmarked van with ski masks on and snatching people off the street in Portland. They let the the MAGA’s trash the capitol and steal classified material from government offices and then politely arrested the ones who took selfies a few days later. The right loves to play the victim card, but this narrative that they are being treated more harshly is a stretch even for the war on Christmas crowd.
  3. You said after the election and then qualified it by saying the date one day after the election a couple times. You are moving the goal posts now
  4. So they closed after Biden had already won the election? Doesn’t that disprove your point?
  5. Every time you post I care a little less about the welfare of the elderly
  6. I keep seeing Texas license plates. Who the **** drives here from Texas?
  7. Max slipping punches while looking at the commentary team was gangsta.
  8. The problem is that they are keeping the virus alive, killing other people, and making the rest of us have to keep wearing masks for the foreseeable future. If these idiots would at least stay in the trailer parks I wouldn’t care, but they all decided now was the time to visit New England. I’ve seen way too many southern license plates lately. I just want to ram them off the road when I see them.
  9. That’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make. Besides, he gets banned like Guliani loses court cases, what’s one more?
  10. This was meant for the politics thread.
  11. Can someone ban that zerk alt so he can’t continue to duck the thread on his main after saying Trump would win a landslide? If we have to scroll through a long cat of whack memes I should at least be able to mock him without him trying to disguise himself.
  12. I’m sure there were some leftists there to counter the MAGAts, just like the cultists were showing up to the BLM rallies. These events will also draw grifters and opportunists looking to profit off the chaos. I wouldn’t read too much into the anomalies in these situations. For example there was that picture of the guy said to be a Minnesota cop who started throwing bricks into windows after George Floyd. Even if that was true, it’s not enough to try to shift blame off the looters who were not majority cops. They could arrest a hundred antifa for being at the capitol, but it won’t change the fact that Trumps cult led this insurrection. They were talking about it openly on Parler leading up to it. They were talking about it on Parler after. Just wait to see how easily these idiots get rekt by the justice department. For all their paranoia about big tech spying on them, there morons were pretty open about their treason. They’re going to get buried with mountains of evidence that they gifted the DA.
  13. Maybe they don’t, but i haven’t seen it.
  14. I like New Hampshire because the people aren’t too crazy one way or the other. We send dems to Washington and Republicans to the state capitol. People are pretty orderly and I haven’t seen a lot of people making a big deal out of the mask ****. It sucks, but it’s not the hill to die on.
  15. I am definitely biased. I am not biased in favor of dems, though. I’m just biased against the Trumpist Republican Party. If this forum was full of leftists they’d be saying I’m a right wing nut because I’d be pushing back on that overbearing narrative. I’m just a c unt.
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