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  1. They’ve turned into hired guns for the ruling class and therefore view the citizenry as the enemy. They’re not here to protect us, they’re here to protect the wealthy from us.
  2. And if he was overdosing on fentanyl, how was he resisting to the point of needing an illegal restraining technique to subdue?
  3. They assaulted a frail senior citizen who approached then non-aggressively and you defend them. A couple weeks ago when a bunch of militia wanna-be’s with assault rifles stormed a state capital and I said the police should shoot them, you said I was crazy. You’re a bit of a ****.
  4. If your job is to kill a confused 75 year old, then you quit that job. I hope that piggie rots in a cell.
  5. If I had it, I was basically asymptomatic. I most likely had a cold, you know, that thing that everyone gets several times a year. We do all appreciate you putting that top 20 Mexican shack degree to work diagnosing us.
  6. Let some joy into your life, m8.
  7. This doesn’t bode well for the prevailing narrative around here.
  8. Speaking isn’t exactly a strength for Trunk either, m8.
  9. Ron had principle at least, Rand is a partisan hack who just follows the party line. Also, you are sick to your stomach because I made fun of a politician getting tackled by his neighbor? Seriously? Not even in the top 10 worst things said on the current page we're on.
  10. Rand isn't even the king of his own backyard. That glass jawed bum gets thrown for five in his own house.
  11. Trunk barely beat Hillary and she was very unpopular even on the left. Just look how well Bernie did in that primary versus getting destroyed by Biden. Trunk barely won by the skin of his teeth and his stock was way higher then. He hasn’t done anything to expand his base and thoroughly turned off many of the people who begrudgingly voted for him last time. They were able to just attack, attack, attack Hillary with conspiracy theories last time. Now they have to defend their own records and with society about to collapse they wont be able to get the news cycle to spend hours talking about their opponents imaginary scandals. Trunks violent rhetoric and constant partisanship has made this whole situation much worse than it should be and anyone without Trunks **** in their mouth can see that.
  12. I'd say his chances of re-election have never been lower and are plummeting more every day. All the dems have to do is keep Biden off tv and let Trunk continue to implode. This is a lay up.
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