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  1. I’d say the same thing about about someone voting for Biden in Alabama. The electoral college is gay.
  2. Massachusetts will be called for Biden like an hour after polls close. Regardless, the GOP is trying to get the Supreme Court to let them toss any ballots that are received after Election Day in the garbage, postmark be damned.
  3. Wasn’t the deadline to mail your ballot in time yesterday?
  4. Have you noticed that the Supreme Court is ruling on election cases every single day? They aren’t just giving out hot takes, they are responding to law suits, mostly brought by the GOP.
  5. That’s simply not true. Reuters is straight down the middle facts and if it’s about politics it give a brief synopsis of what both sides say about a given issue, no editorializing. AP is good, too. Right wing news tells you that everything is propaganda so you will keep reading their propaganda.
  6. That’s hot garbage, the whole process took me less than 45 minutes, and that includes them having to figure out why they couldn’t find me in the registry. It turns out they spelled my name wrong after I registered in 2016.
  7. You’re clueless about what is happening in the world around you. Read some actual news every once in awhile. Not watch cable news, just read something from a nonpartisan source one time.
  8. Can you not go vote early now? I voted a couple days ago. Most places you go to town hall and fill out an absentee ballot on the spot. May be different where you are, the GOP is suing nonstop in PA to keep people from voting.
  9. Maybe, but there’s only one candidate who was hiding a Chinese bank account on his disclosures, so until you guys start caring about that we’re all going to kindly ask you to shut your pie holes with your conspiracy theories.
  10. UPS already found the package and it returning. Spoiler alert: There still won’t be any real evidence. This is just what Fox News does. We’re still waiting for the Hillary Clinton indictment that they’re been promising for 15 years.
  11. Weak President postpones rally because he doesn’t have the balls to nuke a hurricane. What a bitсh made fаggot.
  12. I enjoy the spirit of the meme, but it’s based on a false premise. The USPS was defunded back in the 70’s and has been self-funded ever since. Our current situation isn’t about funding, it’s about the fact that they put a guy in charge who owns stock in USPS competitors and was told to run it into the ground so they could say it doesn’t work and push to privatize.
  13. As a matter of fact, months ago Microsoft released footage of gears 5 running at 120 FPS on the series s. You fell for a Japanese disinformation campaign!
  14. Sounds like fake news, homie. I’ll wait until digital foundry says so.
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