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  1. Yolo sucks and only wins with the Homer Simpson strategy, unfortunately for him if he absorbs as many power punches as usual waiting for his opponent to gas he will literally die against Rumble.
  2. Mighty Mouse looked tiny compared to that guy. I find it hard to believe that guy is walking around at 135.
  3. A guy I served with made national headlines earlier this week. https://www.armytimes.com/news/your-army/2021/04/12/army-didnt-prosecute-nco-accused-of-rape-so-he-did-it-again-and-again/ Ironically, this guy was the golden boy of our platoon. I don’t recall ever hanging out with him outside of work, but I would have definitely called him a friend at the time. It’s pretty jarring to realize that someone you knew on a first name basis could be that much of a monster.
  4. Not to mention that the GOP has been doing exactly this to pack state supreme courts around the country. They truly are shameless with their hypocrisy. Arizona’s governor, Republican Doug Ducey, said he opposes adding seats to the U.S. Supreme Court. “We shouldn’t be changing our institutions,” he told reporters recently. Yet Ducey signed a bill that did just that at the state level in 2016, expanding the Arizona Supreme Court from five seats to seven. As a result, Ducey has appointed more judges than any other governor in the state’s history. https://apnews.com/article/legislature-arizona-iowa-separation-of-powers-us-supreme-court-31f4996a200be4622361603aabf92302
  5. It shouldn’t have to be stated that no amendment is absolute. If amendments were sacrosanct then alcohol would still be constitutionally banished in the country. Trying to somehow claim that repealing or changing the 2nd is going to somehow be a slippery slope that revives slavery is some crazy mental gymnastics.
  6. Who pays rent in cash? I would assume that she pays her roommate who then cuts a check, but it’s 2021. It’s called Venmo. Also, why did she take him to an ATM where she was going to withdraw hundreds of dollars? Nothing in that story makes sense.
  7. Running from the police isn’t a death penalty offense. That pig needs to be thrown in prison for being an incompetent retard. Also, how would the cop know there is a problem with their insurance or registration before pulling the person over?
  8. That’s what I’m playing. You have to play it less aggressive than the trickster and devastator. The abilities you get at higher levels are pretty good.
  9. I hit 17 or 18 last night. I’m not sure what the level cap is, but I think I’m not even close to done. I saw that the forest was a little before the halfway point and I haven’t gotten there yet. I’m still at trench town. We’ve been doing all the side missions, but I can really only play two nights a week so it’s going to take awhile. I should finally get a day shift this month and then I’ll be able to play a lot more.
  10. Hot tip, go to options and change the auto loot pick up rarity to common and then you hit down on the d pad to pick **** up and the range is ridiculous so if your buddy opens a chest somewhere else you don’t have to walk over to pick it up. The shooting mechanics feel a little janky at first and there’s entirely too many pointless cut scenes, but game is ****ing lit. I went ahead and bought the preorder **** for 6 bucks since I got it out games pass. I wanted to throw the developers a couple bucks since I got it free.
  11. Let’s just agree that boomers of all stripes suck and the country will be better when they are gone. I said republican, but I think it’s fair to say it was more so boomer conservatism. It’s kind of like how Joe Biden is proclaiming trans awareness day while also opposing marijuana legalization. That’s his boomer conservatism creeping in. The main difference now is that young people are doing it with social justice issues and apparently are able to effect a companies bottom line enough to get them to react.
  12. It was fun to play as a child and it was fun to go get blotto at live games in your twenties, but I can’t imagine sitting down sober as a grown man and watching that ****.
  13. Republicans started cancel culture. It’s been a thing forever. They were trying to cancel Manson and Eminem when we were kids. They tried to cancel South Park and family guy and anything they deemed offensive to Christian values. The main difference between them theb and the woke idiot brigade now is that the internet amplified the voices and companies actually responded because unlike back then they are actually worried about losing business over it. Heavens forbid a single nickel of profit is lost. The real irony is watching republicans who worship the market sputter and cry when the market decides that their politics and values are garbaggio.
  14. I can only tell you what I have observed with my own eyes and experienced with my own body. Your example was what you read about teachers in your state. Considering you don’t actually have kids and are working from home, I’m thinking your actual exposure to people who have received the vaccine is rather limited and the news you consume is skewed in a certain way. I guarantee you that more people will die from COVID and mass shootings this year than the vaccine and you boys aren’t too worried about that so the vaccine should be a nonissue.
  15. Leon will pull out just like his father should have.
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