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  1. It’s alright, he decided to end it.
  2. Black Beast needs to stop horsing around and start throwing bombs.
  3. Lmao black beast just threw him to the floor like a child wrestling with his dad.
  4. Black GOAT might actually kill this manlet.
  5. Weidman was going for an arm triangle and throwing BOMBS from mount. GSP nuzzles his head into men’s crotches from half guard.
  6. The Black GOAT is going to deliver us the dead Russian we should have got in the last fight.
  7. I’m sorry that your favorite fighter just got destroyed by a legend, but don’t come at me with this kind of junk.
  8. Weidman would grab his **** hips and then suplex KO him in the first exchange, m7.
  9. Omari was going to be your new hot take at middleweight until my boy came out and ****ING BURIED HIM.
  10. Not as hard as on GSP holding onto that closet door.
  11. This was a tune up fight to get his confidence back. He knocks Lord Costaa out COLD in 2021 after dominating a few more of your favorite fighters, homie.
  12. You can hate all you want, but he still destroyed roided Anderson, TWICE.
  13. My boy just his imposed his WILL on that Dagescrandy.
  14. I definitely wouldn’t describe myself as a leftist. At least not what is considered a leftist today. I’m more in line with with Teddy Roosevelt progressive politics than AOC green new deal ****. I just really hate the modern GOP. Teddy Roosevelt and Lincoln would be skull ****ing these traitorous scumbags.
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