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  1. If you don’t want it pointed out that your picks were wrong then don’t post them for public consumption.
  2. The way that fight was going he was probably going home in a body bag if the fight continued.
  3. Blatantly illegal strikes at the end too, what a cowardly performance.
  4. Giblets holding on for dear life.
  5. They should look into using that footage to treat clinical depression.
  6. Why the **** is comber wearing a suit while his hands get wrapped?
  7. To be fair, that kid wasn’t winning that fight, if it went the distance. He should have been allowed to finish it, but he needed a KO and I doubt it was coming at this point. Dude is made of iron though.
  8. What was that gibberish he was yelling?
  9. I meant Candit, actually. Cheisa might have buried his **** inside Max as well. It was actually only recent in that it was a couple fights ago, but I think it was actually a few years ago at this point.
  10. This kid is a living, breathing, sentient tank.
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