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  1. Unrelated, but did you guys ever hear about the idiot who thought he was one with the grizzly bears and then predictably got mauled and eaten by bears? I went down that rabbit hole last night. I might have to find that documentary.
  2. Your dummy prime minister was just admitted to the ICU with persistent covid symptoms. I believe England's policy for awhile was "let's let it burn through until herd immunity takes foot". If your PM dies you guys will have officially taken the throne for worst pandemic response no matter the death tolls.
  3. That's half your state currently hospitalized, m8. Sounds like a complete disaster.
  4. Lando showing up with the fleet is the best moment of the film. While I didn't like the Ben redemption arc because it was too derivative in general, I did like the scene with Han Solo. I appreciated that they had almost the same conversation which I took to mean he had been replaying that conversation in his head for years. It was a good way to show his regret and felt natural. I liked how Kylo threw Rey for five on Death Star 2. Of course they had to Rey gain the upperhand for the children, but it showed that he was stronger and the better duelist to shut up the idiots who couldn't figure out how getting shot might have been the reason he lost their first duel. Lando's fleet has some nice easter eggs. You can see Naboo starfighters if you pause at the right moments, and apparently there is even some separatist ships in there. It has its moments, but its maybe the worst star wars film since the ROTS.
  5. LoL. He underpays fighters and overpays hookers. Classic Dana.
  6. That picture is from a climate change protest that happened last September. Why would they be protesting the border closure with zero signs talking about border closures? Fake news.
  7. By a better star wars movie, you mean a soft reboot of the OT?
  8. Also, you can tell it's from the Russian troll farm because they wrote the date the way the peasant third world writes it.
  9. This is the definition of fake news.
  10. Gilburt Burns is not only willing to fight literally anyone in any place, but he said he would eat some bat soup before going to the cage.
  11. Not entirely true. He didn't duck Tibau, got stuffed 19 times and lost clearly and decisively. Unfortunately, the judges were watching basketball.
  12. Anyone who likes ROS more than the TLJ is a confirmed idiot.
  13. I'm sure it happens, but to blame the current fiasco on employee theft is ****ing laughable. I bet he thinks his casinos went tits up because the bartenders were skimming too.
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