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  1. He will, and then comber will take a year off to train boxing and fight pacqiuo and then another year to do coke and have another kid. He’s going to be the first triple stripped champion.
  2. I’m surprised just how bad Justin’s BJJ is. He immediately ended up in a sub the second it hit the floor, twice.
  3. Lol. My family was poisoned with wolf tickets again.
  4. Maybe, but he made Bobby Duckles look like a blind drunk amateur when they fought.
  5. If Justin stops the takedowns and lands some good shots in the first, Kabob will quit in the second.
  6. Only in your fairy tale world. Trump got destroyed here on earth.
  7. You can’t nuke anywhere near the vault, I tried to see if it was possible and it won’t let you. You can only drop it on like 70% of the map. My buddy and I nuked a guys camp who was ****ing with us. Good times.
  8. You also thought trump would lose, but you bandwagon’d after he won.
  9. The media giving Trump so much coverage is what got him in the White House in the first place, and he was well on his way to losing before the pandemic. The right lives in this bubble where they don’t trust any information that isn’t given to them by their favorite propagandists, but the rest of us have been thoroughly disgusted by the mans open corruption and blatant incompetence for the last four years.
  10. William McKinley won two elections campaigning from his front porch in Ohio. I mean that literally too. He sat on his porch and talked to people who showed up at his house. Trunk is such a bad candidate and the country is such a disaster that all his opponent needs to do is not say the N word on national tv. And honestly, even that might not tank his campaign at this point. Hell, he would probably just take more of Trumps base away if he did.
  11. Well I was initially responding to those misquote you posted, and then ended up in a rant.
  12. Fallout 76 was great from the jump and it’s only gotten better since it started. It’s not called “wastelanders” now. Wastelanders was an update to the game that added NPC’s into the game. When it launched it didn’t have any human NPC’s because they all died, recently. After about a year they added them into the game and tied it into the story by saying that settlers were returning because you dealt with the scorched threat enough to allow them to safely return. Next month a new update is going to bring the brotherhood of steel into the game. Have you played it yet and what did you think?
  13. That’s not what he said. It’s kind of sad to watch the right desperately thrashing after Trump got clean swept in debates. They were calling for five debates at one point, and honestly thought that talking about policy would make Trump look better. It’s over guys. Lightening struck in 2016 and it’s not happening again. Every single indicator is pointing to a Biden landslide. Biden has been consistently ahead in every poll. Biden has been outraising Trump all year. Not only are they outraising the Republicans, but Trunk’s crooked campaign officials somehow “spent” over a billion dollars in like six months and the campaign is practically broke. Biden had millions more people watch his townhall, despite the fact that Trump’s townhall was playing on three channels to Biden’s single channel. Early voting indicates turnout is going to be really high this year. Polls show that less people are going to vote for third party candidates than in 2016. Trump is such a disaster that he is having to spend money to defend in Texas..... Enthusiasm for Mark Kelly is delivering Arizona to Biden. If Trump “wins” then it’s absolutely rigged and our democracy is dead.
  14. Good, Edwards is a bum who is scared to fight. He’s trying to be like Tyron Woodley and just sit out whining for a title shot for a year and a half.
  15. He’s a Muslim Kenyan who hates America. Death panels. Fema camps for conservatives. Martial law. He gun take r guns. You idiots need to read the story about the boy who cried wolf. Even if these weren’t all lies, which they are, no one should listen to you retards because you always just make **** up that never pans out.
  16. Yes he does. He is the GOP now. It’s more accurate to say that the GOP we knew growing up is dead. Trunk murdered it when they couldn’t stop him in the primaries and instead of showing some spine and integrity they all just rolled over and let him do whatever he wanted. They’re all complicit and if our country was sane the GOP would cease to be a party and another Conservative party would rise from the ashes without his finger prints on it.
  17. What story did he manufacture? There is a literal laundry list of **** he has demanded the justice department charge his political enemies with and not a single one has been charged with chit. So, literally dozens.
  18. He only has the three foreign bank accounts, two are in the UK and one is in China. This would be less note worthy if he had listed on his financial disclosures, but he felt the need to try to hide it from public and government oversight. I assumed his projection on Biden in regards to China was merely to distract from his Russia related ****ery, but it looks like it was a multifaceted projection.
  19. Been here for a decade, but the account was made right around the time Cole went insane and was banned.
  20. I was joking, homie. I was saying I was bad with money. I do think it’s kind of bull**** that they can have a write off last for decades because they lost money.
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