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  1. Wake up, sheeple. https://birdsarentreal.com/
  2. The xbox one x sales are up 750% yesterday on Amazon. I hope someone’s bot bought thousands of the wrong console.
  3. I went to Best Buy and was told it was online only, went home and spammed the refresh button on like 5 stores for an hour until I finally got one on Amazon. I wanted to make pick it up in store, but I’m just glad I got one. I was 10 minutes late to work because of the fiasco. Ended up getting the X. Considered the S, and I still might get one for a secondary.
  4. The definition of woke is “someone from your side of aisle”. Another swing and a miss.
  5. The part where you said I was woke when I’m clearly not. That’s the part, go ahead and explain that statement. Stand by for deflection volley number 2.....
  6. This is where Cashflow proves he doesn’t actually know the meaning of **** he says. It’s always my favorite part.
  7. If a guy has a stroke while driving and crashes the car, did the car crash or the stroke kill him? If he didn’t have the stroke he wouldn’t have crashed the car. COVID is deadly because it makes manageable pre-existing conditions suddenly kill you. Those are COVID deaths regardless of co-morbidities. The only reason to try to say 9K is to spread Trump’s propaganda and then you try to say I’m shilling for politicians. Good lord.
  8. No, I didn’t catch them on the major networks because I don’t watch major network news. That’s why I’m not super woke or a white supremacist.
  9. I must have triggered you good to make you go grave dig a picture. It’s very boomerish of you to think that mocking my looks was a biting retort. I posted that picture myself you dummy, do you think I’m sensitive about my looks? I’m going to bet that you realized how gay that spam is before you realized I was mocking you and that’s the really infuriating part for you.
  10. Half the time he posts a screen shot of a YouTube video. Dude is a boomer
  11. In case anyone is wondering why I’m spamming this ****, I wanted Zerk to know how gay it was and figured this was the best way to illustrate the point.
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