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  1. lol. oh and also FleeJ as well, he is fighting next month...not like anyone would care though.
  2. Hasn't beat anybody worth mentioning in over 6 years.
  3. Now the truth comes out. Was anyone really surprised that it was fixed though really? I don't think that anyone bought that anderson came to play by the rules that night. Discuss.
  4. watch my videos and see if they make you feel better.
  5. i love happa, and i do think he would have beat bigfoot if it wasn't for that leg injury but that tko loss did send him down in the rankings and i don't think he even has another fight lined up yet.
  6. won 6 of his last 7 fights, and has 4 consecutive finishes over lavar, herman, miocic, and barry and soon will finish mark hunt in japan.
  7. Things been getting interesting lately. 1. Cain 2. Junior 3. Rem 4. Werdum 5. Cormier 6. Struve 7. Nelson 8. Bigfoot 9. Mir 10. Hunt sounds about right to me. and looks like reem/bigfoot winner gets the next title shot or at least a #1 contender fight with junior, or give reem the shot then give jds to struve/hunt winner for shot at the title. all viable options. also in the hunt: happa, miocic, big nog, barnett, duffee, gonzaga, rothwell.
  8. well they were booing cain pretty heavy during his walkout so i think they were urging for a quick KO finish from jds and didn't get it.
  9. Then that's all well and good but it still wouldn't prove the bible to be a legitimate document; it might surprise a few but logically, in order for there to be a creation there must have been a creator. now who or what that creator was none of us can even attempt to grasp or have the foggiest idea of...
  10. jds on his best night >>>>>>>>>>> cain on his best night.
  11. its in the last 10 seconds of the fight.
  12. He needs to focus more on punishing cain for the takedown attempts next time, instead of just defending them away. cain kept coming back shooting for td's cause junior wasn't making him pay for them, something abel trujilo did extremely well with in his recent ufc debut.
  13. Oh ****! It looks like he did go out there for a couple seconds, tough break for alan.
  14. don't remember seeing this, at what point of the fight was this?
  15. Reem would crush both tbh.
  16. cain was fading fast as junior was coming back, jds would have stopped cain if it went to the 6th round.
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