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  1. I'd put Nelson above Struve' date=' but good list other than that.:)[/quote']


    i almost did just because of their fight a few years back, but if you think about it struve has been way more impressive since then; he's beating almost everybody meanwhile aside from roy's last 2 fights against nobodys all i can remember is him taking devastating beatings from mir, werdum, jds, etc. and just barely surviving those fights.

  2. I'd put Travis Browne ahead of Mark Hunt which you have no mention of considering he destroyed your #6


    i love happa, and i do think he would have beat bigfoot if it wasn't for that leg injury but that tko loss did send him down in the rankings and i don't think he even has another fight lined up yet.

  3. Things been getting interesting lately.


    1. Cain

    2. Junior

    3. Rem

    4. Werdum

    5. Cormier

    6. Struve

    7. Nelson

    8. Bigfoot

    9. Mir

    10. Hunt


    sounds about right to me.


    and looks like reem/bigfoot winner gets the next title shot or at least a #1 contender fight with junior, or give reem the shot then give jds to struve/hunt winner for shot at the title. all viable options.



    also in the hunt: happa, miocic, big nog, barnett, duffee, gonzaga, rothwell.

  4. 100%. I don't care if it's a bad decision' date=' or a guy you don't like, don't ****ing boo a guy who poured his heart out for your ****ing entertainment.


    I lost my ****ing mind when people boo'd Leonard Garcia after the first Korean Zombie. The dude gave you the fight of the century and he has no control over the judges. Have some ****ing respect.



    If you're gonna boo, boo Yushin Okami. ****ing Lay n Pray and Wall n Stall fest/[/quote']


    This X a million.

  5. If his strategy was to lose every single round' date=' he executed it to perfection.[/quote']


    lul what? junior stopped all of cains td attempts in the last round except for 1 and cain didn't do anything with it, also jds landed more power shots in the last round, and the 4th was pretty close as well however i could see how that one could go to cain but jds did win a round.

  6. He needs to focus more on punishing cain for the takedown attempts next time, instead of just defending them away. cain kept coming back shooting for td's cause junior wasn't making him pay for them, something abel trujilo did extremely well with in his recent ufc debut.

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