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  1. Out of the entire ufc roster, of those still active who is the one guy that brings it no matter what, no matter where, no matter which weight class or against what style or level of fighters who is the one that always puts on a good show, an exciting fight, and always hangs in there with the best of the best. Discuss.
  2. do you think jones would be able to stop nelson for the first time in the ufc?
  3. no poll yet? perosh would finish him in the first round, unlike machida.
  4. i was looking at some of the posts on his wall now, unfortunately i do think he said if 100,000 likes were 'added'; not reached. Either way, it looks like it will happen in a few days, already been 40,000 added so far. Anyone know a time frame for this? was it 2 weeks?
  5. anyone who doesn't go like it is clearly just a bones jones hugger and is scared he will lose his title to big country.
  6. mayhem okami cub swanson bj penn
  7. we all do, but he won't be here much longer if he stays; he is on the chopping block right now; 1-2 more losses and he will get cut.
  8. http://Http://www.Facebook.com/RoyNelsonUFC 100,000 likes and he will drop to 205. Go do it! Bones Jones vs. Nelson anyone? I think it would be very interesting. Thoughts?
  9. for ufc 149. Loser gets cut imo. Who wins and how?
  10. he would be a huge middleweight, and he is pretty fast but i would love to see a fly/bantamweight fighter tool him, or anderson
  11. 1. Ben Henderson 2. Frankie Edgar 3. Gray Maynard 4. Clay Guida 5. Anthony Pettis 6. Nate Diaz 7. Jim Miller 8. Donald Cerrone 9. Edson Barbozoa 10. Melvin Guillard
  12. LOL, Yes i want to see ocho cinco in the cage so bad. Benavidez maybe?
  13. willing to bet how much? i bet he does. Less fans, less money coming in for him.
  14. totally get what you mean bro, just like how vitor faces someone with worse striking than him and ko's them. Therefore he is not very good, the only reason he outboxes people is because he trains more boxing...how cheap and unfair
  15. 1. Belfort 2. Sonnen 3. Munoz 4. Anderson 5. Weidman 6. Bisping 7. Maia 8. Okami 9. Palhares 10. Costa Philippou
  16. if maia improves his cardio in his next fight he would win easily. Maia has way better standup shields.
  17. can't wait for both. still can't decide if i want to run through mass effect 2 again before buying the 3rd one
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