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  1. Melvin easily won in terms of damage, but jamie did more hugging..
  2. I wonder if varner will actually show up this time or if he will tap to butterflies again.
  3. As we all saw how overly-aggressive he was in the first fight with reem, but now he has evolved enough to learn patience and timing; obviously he has enough power in his strikes to take out reem as alistair has had chin troubles in the past, i think the rematch would simply be whose chin gives out first. so who would that be? Discuss.
  4. Hahahahaha that was one of the worst decisions i've seen in a long time, very rare to see somebody landing way more power strikes AND pushing the pace of the fight and then lose? :confused:
  5. Damn this is one hell of a fight. Never thought i'd say this, but Leornard Garcia is outstriking this guy and is up 2 rounds to 1, holloway has to pull something out of the bag here to win this fight.
  6. Haha that is weird, i don't think his arm was broken but roy nelson was definitely taking some huge kicks on the arm from mitrione a couple weeks ago, and still won the fight with an overhand right lol.
  7. Can't wait to see the epic level of butthurt from Cruz after tonight
  8. Oh right. And remind me again how long Cain lasted in the first jds fight? Not even a minuete and he gets a rematch after beating a guy making his ufc debut LOL. Obviously vitor has already done more than enough compared to Cain to get his rematch, especially once he demolishes bisping. Also not to mention vitor was coming off over a year layoff in the first Andy fight and it was also his first cut to middleweight; yet he STILL managed to tag and rock silva in their fight which is a hell of a lot more than Cain could ever say.
  9. LOL can't wait to hear his/her excuses tonight.
  10. why wouldn't they? weidman is injured and whoever wins the okami/belcher and the costa/tim fights should still have at least 1-2 more fights first imo. who else should they give the shot to if vitor destroys bisping?
  11. even if he does take jds, santos just got black belt in bjj so expect the fight to end quickly with a submission off of his back from jds.
  12. That's not right. Isn't a #1 contender match supposed to be between the 2 top prospects in the division fighting for a shot at the belt? I'm really growing tired of dana's new philosophies behind title shots. So bisping who arguably is ranked higher than vitor in the MW division gets an automatic title shot for beating vitor who is ranked below him now, but yet if vitor beats the higher ranked opponent that still doesn't mean anything? doesn't logic and reason say that if you beat the higher ranked opponent thats just as impressive if not much more so than a higher ranked fighter beating a lower ranked fighter? if vitor runs through bisping i think everyone would be in agreement he at the very least deserves a #1 contender fight of his own at that point, either between weidman or belcher once he beats okami.
  13. i wonder how bad he will try to duck a vitor rematch if belfort makes quick work of bisping next month. funny how he didn't even mention him in the article yet he is in a #1 contender match next month.
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