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  1. Just read that too. Obviously the wording was screwed up here, it should say 'werdum will get A title shot with a win' instead of the 'next' title shot. Nog and werdum aren't fighting until june so of course there will be another title defense in the meantime between the winner of bigfoot and reem.
  2. If he keeps winning fights, and finishing them especially then they can't tell him no for much longer..
  3. Joe is the man. He just recently had a pretty good interview with alex jones backstage as well if anyone saw that..
  4. yes they are i think he meant to say goldie used to call him can. it was either can velasquez or kine i can't remember.
  5. What a weird ****ing order to this card. Leben and some nobody on the main card, varner and guillard on the prelims along with eddie and pickett. Really??
  6. rogan would easily make silva tap to strikes in the first.
  7. Kimbo. Toney. Whampage. any black guy really.
  8. cain glasquez will be ko'ed into the next decade tonight.
  9. LOL that's messed up but funny. So is anik really taking over tonight? :confused:
  10. True but good enough footwork can counter that almost any time.
  11. Rule_abiding_poster


    he is obv jealous ronda wants dana's **** and not his.
  12. Duh. He has already accomplished more than andy ever could.
  13. LOL the level of butthurt from Cain fans will go down in history as being EPIC, can't wait to see what kind of excuses they will come up with.
  14. I have already KO'ed him on numerous occasions and he has been ducking me ever since.
  15. Lulz sign me up, if you would like to get crushed that is. Don't be scared homie.
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