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  1. Lolz, only a matter of time before you showed up. You down for a avatar bet? Loser has to make their new av a picture of their fighter getting KO'ed. Deal? Don't be scared homie. :cool:
  2. LOL cain got owned bad by jds. "It's not his belt, it's mine" right after cain gave him a compliment lol.
  3. Lol this. i agree i think the fight will go on a bit longer, i think cain will manage to get a couple takedowns in the first; but i doubt he will be able to keep junior on his back for long. 2nd or 3rd round stoppage most likely but utlimately the same outcome as the first fight imo.
  4. As we all know, JDS showed just how much of a warrior he really is in the first fight with cain by fighting with a torn meniscus(ouch) and on top of that; it was the most dominant and brutal ko in ufc heavyweight history. But now after cain "earned :rolleyes:" his 2nd title shot, he has a big problem now that he has to deal with a fresh and rejuvenated, new and improved, in shape and fully healthy Junior Dos Santos. Will the fact that the champ is 100% this time make for even more dominant and one sided pounding in JDS favor than expected? Will Cain tap to cage before Bruce Buffer finishes his entrance? Will cain tap to strikes if he makes it past the glove touch or will he go out cold once again? Discuss and thank you.
  5. Costa Phillipou Rustam Khabilov Glover Texeria Erick Silva Ryan Jimmo Abel Trujillo Gunnar Nelson Robert Whittaker Jimi Manuwa Max Holloway Sauna Vinny Magalhaes
  6. I agree, just imagine if weidman got in the same full mount on top of anderson like chael did. andy has a hell of a chin so i don't think he would get ko'ed but he would definitely either get subbed, or weidman would make silva tap to strikes.
  7. I would finish every single one of those cans within a round even if i played as bob sapp.
  8. http://forums.ufc.production.sparkart.net/showthread.php?t=132507
  9. lulz so does that include stephan bonnar too? i think he may have cracked the top 25 at some point in his career, well maybe before his first retirement.
  10. Gtfo. Hendo is a ****ing legend to mma. Way more than that silva can could ever be...
  11. true, i predict cain ko face 2.0 will be even memorable than the first one
  12. yeah, if gsp's standup makes him blind in 1 eye just imagine what silva's striking will do to him!
  13. fighting gsp for a 3rd time would no doubt make him in both eyes this time and spark the end of his career.
  14. he should have talked more **** to help guarentee this will be a #1 contender fight.
  15. Kimbo would KO Glasquez in the 1st round with ease.
  16. Joe Doerksen tapped to strikes against Joe Riggs.
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