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  1. really? that's surprising' date=' against who? lol STFU.
  2. i agree and he definitely won't. he is scared just like FleeJ.
  3. Mendes and Edgar are pretty much the same fighter, skill and size-wise and just look at how Aldo disposed of him.
  4. really? that's surprising' date=' against who? lol STFU.
  5. wtf what weight are they fighting at anyway?
  6. Disgraceful little peasants, this shall be known as the Wall of Shame; only true cowardice can be found here with the likes of: Jamie Varner Matt Riddle Jeremy Stephens Nate Marquardt Tim Means Any others? Discuss.
  7. Lolz. Most likely. Unless I get lined up with more cans like carnages.
  8. pettis will rock cerrone on the feet but get overzealous and will get immediately sweeped and countered into a 1st round surprise submission. (ala werdum fedor)
  9. costa will outbox tim and finish him with a tko via punches to the body. (liver)
  10. Abel Trujilo (spelling?) looked pretty big in his debut, bigger than benson even.
  11. Diego's entire resume of opponents is light years ahead of what FleeJ's could ever be. Not to mention their vast difference in styles makes you the most obvious troll since ShannonP's first alternate account. And yes clearly according to you're logic: Fights that go to the scorecard= both fighters are cans and are boring and suck.
  12. Prepare to be quoted for humility after what will be you're entirely brutal defeat.
  13. at least dominick uses his lateral footwork to move around and counter instead of FleeJ pulling a Guida and running backwards to avoid strikes. Still majorly gotten to.
  14. I predict we will see the NBR return and rory will not be experienced enough to figure out how to respond to that, easy UD victory for Fondit ala Carla from the Diaz fight.
  15. lulz. try not to duck me in the tournament this year too obviously.
  16. only 1 reason to prove this is all baloney: there is no proof and never has been any proof.
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