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  1. If I understood what you meant, I'd comment on what you answered. In any case, anyone who says "I don't care" but cares enough to comment, is pathetic.
  2. Oh my god, if you can't give it up to Conor after that show he just put on, then you're a freaking hater, and boy must your life suck. I can't do anything but take my hat off to Conor, he OWNED Eddie, and I thought Eddie would be hard.
  3. Dreamah

    Diaz 2,3, and 5

    If 3rd was 10-8 to diaz, then first was 10-8 to conor, beatiful fight, mad probs to both, it's so good for the sport that mcgregor won though, especially in that fashion, neither lost anything in that fight.... But it was kinda funny, how many people failed to notice that nate was actually getting winded by round 4... helluwa fight !
  4. Damn, how people love to hate on succesful people. Conor is good and a legit mma fighter, might not be the best, might be, we don't know yet, but he for damn sure should have earned peoples respect. He comes to fight, he makes it exciting, he raises feelings, and is very succesful, what more do you want from a fighter? If you do not like watching Conor fight, maybe this isn't the right sport for you, maybe you should just stick to stalking people on twitter and trying to goad them into answering your troll posts.
  5. I don't understand the hate he gets here...Are you guys jealous that he's really succesful, or what? He just says his honest opinions, and you act like he has no place to talk. How did you talk to your friends after you found out Brock got caught? Probably said the same thing, as he did. Just focus on your own life, and stop hating on the succesful lol... If you don't like him, don't listen to him, no need to bring it to everyones attention.
  6. It's pretty obvious it'll be punk vs gall (or some one anyway) Mcgregor against someone, Rousey most likely will be there too...and if Gsp returns, this is the show for him to return, then they just fill it up with good fights after that
  7. Pretty much this, he changed his "bias" like 3 times during the fight, people just love to hate for the sake of hating. Do you know why I actually love this type of hype commentating style? Because he's watching the fights as genuine fan, and you can hear it from his voice, sometimes it's bias, sometimes it's not, he has admitted this in the past aswell, but every human being who's passionate about something is bias. Stop hating and turn off the commentary or stop watching, no need to complain about it on the forums after every fight, I see this with every commentator / caster that is really good. He's still the best mma-commentator that there is, bar none.
  8. Quite honestly, that's like saying like a carcrash victim, who is crawling on his / hers belly toward their phone to call help, and dies on the way due to their guts spilling on the ground, is a quitter.
  9. Quite honestly, without vanzant and rumble, that card would've been such an awful one, and I don't usually hate on cards... what the actual **** was frank mir doing the whole fight? he looked like he was half asleep, sorta like against cro cop...
  10. And to think, I actually read this fully, on that note, I'm closing my browser and going out...
  11. What the hell has happened to Mir, he was moving so well I was so amazed by his movement and head movement compared to like few fights ago.... It's amazin'....so amazin'
  12. I think Frankie has better timings and better set-ups, but pure wrestling is miles on Mendes' side. Why is no one talking about Frankie vs Chad match though? Also, I think if Aldo lands few leg kicks, it will really suck for Conor...So it'll be interesting.
  13. Quite honestly I think Rory was hurt as hell, but it doesn't show on him as much on others, he doesn't get so wobbly, nor does he go out that easy...But I don't think he had his wits about. I really loved the fight though, but I was worried about Rory at the start of fifth, he looked like a bloody mask, and I don't think I ever hoped for a stoppage between rounds more than then, and I was rooting for Robbie, but I just felt so bad for Rory....
  14. Hmmh, he landed atleast 5 of those teeps to mid section and 2 spinning kicks, plus I think 2 body kicks. Those clearly showed everytime they hit. Aldo mainly kicked his legs
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