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  1. He's still maintaining his health. He knows he can come back and solidify his GOAT status. lol, Robbie Lawler got ko'd by a diaz 35% right hand.
  2. LOL. He was my tag team partner when I first joined. LMAO. Well played. You just slightly altered your posting. Help me out man!
  3. I think I have a cool persona...... but you can't really judge yourself. I know there are mods, kiss *** posters, regular posters, and cool posters. Can the cool posters tell me if they think I can get a hot girl or not. Based on the pics below. edit: second pic didn't work.... sorry friends
  4. Me too. :mad: There's so much hat for the p4p GOAT GSP nowadays. He's been pissing fans off for years, Jon Jones is just trying to catch up. Hella jealous.
  5. Seriously, children could come here an want to post and see that and think, "he he, that kind of looks like *****!!!!!" I can't sit by as a n adult thinking anyone under the age of 17 is thinking anything sexual based on the forum where I post. Please mods/UFC office workers who read this, please make it a rule. Anyone who agrees, please view this thread.
  6. I'm so tired of all the good posters being mocked and ganged up on here..... This thread should be a place where we can get together and gang up on the trolls. I'd like to personally invite the following posters (who the trolls pretend have **** opinions): 1. Cruz26660 2. MistaCaveman 3. Doctor_Intelligent 4. WarriorWast 5. Fobur 6. Manhoef 7. And any other poster that's been legitimately crapped on for too long!!!!!!!!! Lets fight back guys and gals!!
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