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  1. WKWS75


    I thought the stoppage was correct, the only reason I didn't like it was that I wanted to see more of a fight.
  2. Don't do it JDS! IF you value fighting in the UFC...
  3. WKWS75


    If she could've intelligently defended the attempted blows to her head, the fight would have probably went on. I didn't like the stoppage, and wanted to see more of a fight, but, it is what it is.
  4. WKWS75


    McMann was too busy holding her gut, and couldn't defend. Thats what Herb saw
  5. Chael's gonna be eating elbows the whole match
  6. IF he beats Rampage, give him Machida and see what happens
  7. Rothwell vs Schaub when Schaub was reaching for air:D
  8. I think he ought to fight Hendo, or Gus first. It would be an easy win for Jones if he fought Sonnen
  9. Chael Sonnen, cause you can get punched by him 60-70 times, and still not get a bruise
  10. Go watch boxing or something, you can go piss an moan about a cut boxer and say that they need thicker gloves. This is FIGHTING, no ******* allowed :mad:
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