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  1. Honestly, I think in a Jones vs. Silva fight... Jones wins. He's built a lot stronger than Silva but has all the same tools. Curious what other people think...?
  2. Why would it not happen? Is the UFC dumb?
  3. I'm going to say the obvious... There needs to be a Jones vs Anderson Silva. Forget all that GSP v. Silva crap. Jones vs. Silva is the real mega card.
  4. Evans = Nas Jones = Jay z fake fight feud comes out to a fake rap feud.
  5. Exactly! hahah. Except I was thinking more Nas/Jay-z after years of back and forth trash talk, they did a concert together and kind of admitted that they never actually had beef.
  6. New to the forum so haven't seen it yet or else i would have jumped on it. But i think the argument that the feud is real because he left his camp is weak. One of them had to leave in order to make the fight happen. Sure as hell isn't going to be the champ. Evans had to leave so he could get the fight. I don't think its really that big of a deal to a veteran like him. Again, obviously there is the desire to win. But did this really destroy their friendship?... I doubt it.
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    One leg kick from Hominick and Yagin you be eating canvas. So heavy on his feet.
  8. JoeFx


    Hominik is going to dominate this round. He is seeing his punches in slow mo at this point.
  9. Why not? If he knew they were going to have to fight, it would make sense. They can't train in the same camp. And its not like he is an up and comer and needs the leadership that comes with being in one of those camps. Obviously he's not happy about fighting for the belt rather than defending it, but it seems completely irrational for him to have so much distaste for Jones' success. I feel like Evans is more savvy than that.
  10. Is there anyone else out there that thinks the feud between Jones and Evans might be a little contrived. Sort of like how hip hop artists make "distracks" that are really just to boost sales and popularity. I understand that all fights are hyped and there are created storylines, but I feel like these 2 know exactly what they're doing, and will probably have a beer together in 3 years and laugh about how they pulled one over on everyone.
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