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  1. What's up Robert? I'm hanging in there but just like everyone else I have a lot of chit I could complain about due to this corona virus bs but I'll save that for another time. lol
  2. Ferreira is on a 5 fight win streak against mostly bums and Pettis is coming off a loss at welterweight against Nate Diaz. Can this Ferreira dude keeps his win streak going against a ranked opponent or is Pettis going to make him look out of his league?
  3. What are you even talking about? Not enough context in the OP.
  4. LoL There was no embarrassment, I think everyone was aware you were using Rando.
  5. Just run Rando without copying picks like you did last year. Better than nothing.
  6. I wanted to see Rando would legit beat someone actually making picks. lol
  7. oh lawd Isn't Barboza a big light weight to begin with?
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