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  1. He'll be counting potatoes in Bellator within a few fights.
  2. ^Would your girl let you give her a2m? She's a failgirl otherwise, and you should find another. says the 15 year old high school virgin She really that boring?
  3. ^Would your girl let you give her a2m? She's a failgirl otherwise, and you should find another.
  4. poor Junior..... You've obviously never saw a pic of his wife. i have...no shes not arriany, no shes no brittany palmer...but they were together becouse they loved eachother....love is more than physical and more than just on the outside...maybe you have never felt the deep bond of love that transends physical.... it seemed junior loved her very much, i will say it again, poor junior....hopefully he will find happiness again... LOLOL I really wanted to mark this "troll" I did it for you.
  5. Lol I hope Prado gets cut too. I can't believe people actually thought he could beat Phil Davis. Lay & Prayvis did run away in their first fight, and cheated in order to delay the fight and work on his lay & pray.
  6. I wouldn't have cut any of the femaleweights, seeing as the division is young and shallow. I can understand the rest of the cuttings, but am sad to see Griggs go.
  7. He lost because he hasd an ugly wife. That's a legit excuse as far as i'm concerned! Now, he has no ugly wife, and can destroy as much fine **** as he wants, and will be a better man as a result. War JDS! Ruiner of barely legal buttholes!
  8. Yes. He's terrified of an opponent who cannot KO, TKO or sub him.
  9. If a person is in need, they should get unemployment up to a certain point - around 6 months. I think a year is too long. Also, they need to penalize the people who abuse the system by not actively searching for work. Someone actively searching for a job, by sending out applications to various places and going to interviews - that whole process is a job in itself. Otherwise, unemployment should not be given to that individual. what would you do after those six months? You should be able to find work for yourself if you are actively looking in a period of 6 months while being unemployed. it really isnt that easy No one said it is easy. You SHOULD be able to find work for yourself if you are actively looking within 6 months. It won't be easy, but you should be able to find some sort of qualifying work. Otherwise, you need to reinvest in yourself back to college, trade school, some sort of reinvestment back for yourself to further your marketability. The whole process of finding a job/career should be treated as a job in of itself. thats not true at all... i myself have been looking forajob for almost 8 months now... sending 2-3 hours a day filling out apps and doing interviews.. Kmart had over 500 people apply for 1 spot... walmart had almost 300 apply for 2 jobs and even BK had over 150 apps for 1 spot.. Sounds like you need to invest in yourself more to make yourself more marketable. Going to college, a trade school, anything dude. What position(s) you trying to apply for at KMart, Walmart or Burger King? Also, 2 to 3 hours a day of applications and interviews and you think this is acceptable? What real job works for 2 to 3 hours a day? Come on, man. I'm talking about 8 hours each day looking for a job and/or career is being serious about your efforts to find employment. your not living in the real world mate. What do you feel is appropriate for those with unemployment? I think you should have to apply for at least 6 jobs a week, with proof you have done so. You should go to volunteer at charity shops say 2 hours a day (gives you experience aswel), there should be checks put in place that your not just abusing the system. You just can't spend 8 hours a day looking for work, there isn't that much work to find. Finding six jobs a week would still be pretty tough but can be done. There is also no funding in this country for people to learn new skills if you want to learn it has to come out of your pocket and people just can't afford it. 8 hours a day looking for work is not unreasonable. There's so many job search sites you can utilize and find 6 jobs to apply to in less than 30 minutes. WTF! Also, there is funding for people who wish to go to college, but they have to be SINCERE with their own lives that the effort they put into a trade school or college is something that they are willing to follow through with. Financial aid is available to many colleges. Scholarships could be available in those trade schools or colleges. There's also separate sites where you can get scholarship opportunities. But, you have to be motivated and STAY motivated throughout the entire process of the investment in YOURSELF. If you don't, than don't even bother (speaking in general terms, not you specifically). If you don't invest in yourself and cause yourself to be more marketable and other people choose to not cause themselves to be more marketable. The grouping of people that are unmarketable for positions like Walmart, Burger King, etc. will be so large that the percentages are not in your favor that you'll find a position when someone who hasn't even finished his high school diploma could apply for a low level position in those companies and get it. Were do you live? Because here in the uk all the funding for learning has been cut unless you can 100% say a job will come of it. Also if you spent eight hours a day looking for work here you will of looked at everything. Like you said, SexualAbuseOfTeenageGirlsInAirports_FTW isn't living in the real world. He made a blanket statement about something he has no experience of, and isn't man enough to back down or admit he was wrong. He has never had the balls to do so.
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