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  1. It would still make more sense than betting on lightning striking twice. Serra had a better chance in his rematch than TJ does.
  2. Agreed on that. Based on their fight, the immediate rematch makes absolutely no sense. However it's happening and, after it does, TJ will be the proud owner of the shortest title reign in UFC history.
  3. Tell that to Barao on Saturday, when he's holding his belt again and all of Dildonation are crying for an immediate rematch of a fight he didn't earn in the first place.
  4. At least Barao took his beating like a man, instead of folding in the first to a bomb from a Flyweight midget.
  5. Pettis could be great, but maybe we should wait to judge until he: a ) actually defends a title b ) doesn't get outclassed by FW's c ) wins a fight that goes past round 1
  6. Ovince St Preux, Ross Pearson, Brad Tavares, Alan Jouban, Shawn Jordan, Robbie Peralta
  7. You're both idiots for thinking Dillashaw should fight Alcantara instead of Assuncao.
  8. DC beats all of them more than 50% of the time. Evans and Johnson would give him the most trouble.
  9. For me, there are a bunch of Pride fights with better rounds than nearly any UFC fight. Mostly due to the ten minute first. Wandy/Hendo 1... Rua/Lil Nog... Fedor/Cro Cop... Hendo/Rua 1, Round 2... Some of my favorites.
  10. You must not have seen the Trujillo/Varner fight. Abel was getting his **** handed to him before the KO. Also, the nose-rearranging punch by Hendo was legal but not a KO. The Vitor imitation following that punch was not.
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