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  1. Funny how he drops out only days after Dana says he's gonna test the crap out of fighters for TRT use. damn dude, you're dumb. Caught feels. ^
  2. Funny how he drops out only days after Dana says he's gonna test the crap out of fighters for TRT use.
  3. I had some disagreements with them, and kinda did my own rendition. Tell me what you think. Please do not be so hasty to hit the disagree button unless my list utterly SUCKS! POUND-FOR-POUND 2 Anderson Silva 3 Georges St-Pierre 4 Jose Aldo 5 Jon Jones 6 Benson Henderson 7 Cain Velasquez 8 Dominick Cruz 9 Johny Hendricks 10 Frankie Edgar 11 Demetrious Johnson FLYWEIGHT Champion : Demetrious Johnson 2 Joseph Benavidez 3 John Dodson 4 Ian McCall 5 John Moraga 6 Timothy Elliott 7 John Lineker 8 Darren Uyenoyama 9 Louis Gaudinot 10 Jussier Da Silva 11 Chris Cariaso BANTAMWEIGHT Champion : Dominick Cruz 2 Renan Barao 3 Michael McDonald 4 Urijah Faber 5 Eddie Wineland 6 Brad Pickett 7 Rafael Assuncao 8 Brian Bowles 9 Yuri Alcantara 10 Scott Jorgensen 11 Ivan Menjivar FEATHERWEIGHT Champion : Jose Aldo 2 Frankie Edgar 3 Chad Mendes 4 Ricardo Lamas 5 Cub Swanson 6 Chan Sung Jung 7 Dennis Siver 8 Hacran Dias 9 Dustin Poirier 10 Nik Lentz 11 Erik Koch LIGHTWEIGHT Champion : Benson Henderson 2 Anthony Pettis 3 Gray Maynard 4 Nate Diaz 5 Jim Miller 6 Donald Cerrone 7 Rafael dos Anjos 8 Joe Lauzon 9 Jamie Varner 10 Khabib Nurmagomedov 11 TJ Grant WELTERWEIGHT Champion : Georges St-Pierre 2 Johny Hendricks 3 Carlos Condit 4 Demian Maia 5 Nick Diaz 6 Jon Fitch 7 Martin Kampmann 8 Jake Ellenberger 9 Josh Koscheck 10 Tarec Saffiedine 11 Rory MacDonald MIDDLEWEIGHT Champion : Anderson Silva 2 Vitor Belfort 3 Chris Weidman 4 Michael Bisping 5 Yushin Okami 6 Luke Rockhold 7 Constantinos Philippou 8 Alan Belcher 9 Cung Le 10 Tim Boetsch 11 Hector Lombard LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT Champion : Jon Jones 2 Dan Henderson 3 Lyoto Machida 4 Glover Teixeira 5 Alexander Gustafsson 6 Ryan Bader 7 Antonio Rogerio Nogueira 8 Chael Sonnen 9 Rashad Evans 10 Mauricio Rua 11 Phil Davis HEAVYWEIGHT Champion : Cain Velasquez 2 Junior Dos Santos 3 Fabricio Werdum 4 Daniel Cormier 5 Antonio Silva 6 Frank Mir 7 Alistair Overeem 8 Roy Nelson 9 Shane Carwin 10 Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira 11 Travis Browne
  4. Jones doesn't have BJJ, he has bully submissions. Saying Jones has great BJJ is pure ignorance. He almost got armbarred by a MW, and barely defended it. Not the sign of a true BJJ ace like Maia.
  5. I think so. His domination of one of MMA's greatest wrestlers really does prove it too, I don't see how one could disagree.
  6. What makes ME sad is his paycheck... 9k... I feel them feels coming on.
  7. I loved watching that fight, man, it was Fitch getting dominated for a change. I think Maia should definitely be in title talks, but he'll get slaughtered by GSP.
  8. 2-9 sobercuban :-& 4-7 JP... Uhh, same face you made. ^ I only got Dustin Kimura, Joseph Benavidez, Demian Maia, and Bigfoot Silva.
  9. Yeah, I bet he'll call out someone like Pat Barry. LOL Sad thing is, I was not impressed with the striking slowness of Alistair Overeem, he might have to take Barry down to win!
  10. Bad call again, standing Green up while he was PUNCHING... and doing some damage She makes Steve Mazzagatti look like a good ref...
  11. Every once in a while, we'll get these, and they always make me so happy. When everyone you didn't expect to see winning, winning. When Vallie-Flagg won his fight against Yves Edwards, I started wondering if it was gonna be one of those nights, and surely enough, it started going down. Bobby Green won, Evan Dunham, Demian Maia, Bigfoot Silva, and even Little Nog. Those are some pretty big upsets. Maia may not really be, but the manner of which he took care of business was a huge upset. He out-Fitched the Fitch, and I really enjoyed it! Highlight of my night was Reem getting his mouth slammed shut though, for real. That was the only upset I was able to predict. He was overconfident and overrated, and I knew that'd result in him getting KTFO. Sweet! I think it's high time for JDS vs. Overeem.
  12. Nobody's Frankie Edgar man love shall exceed mine. Oh, really? Ticket to UFC 156 is in the middle. FTF hoodie in the back. Being rich rather than poor doesn't make you a bigger fan. I am the bigger fan.
  13. I surely hope that MATW did not abandon this thread.
  14. I know the Janousek/Kuiper fight got axed, but I didn't change it. XD
  15. Hasn't the internet killed him about 352 times by now? Hahaha, yes, but everyone knows he's immortal!!! XD
  16. Morgan Freeman was born in 1937. He narrated his own birth, saying, "Leaving the warm comfort of his mother's womb, I, Morgan Freeman, enter the world." The first time Morgan Freeman saw himself crying in the mirror, he became old, and he remained that way his whole life. The only reason the sun rises in the morning is because Morgan Freeman already narrated it in a dream the night before; in fact, the only reason any of us are alive is because somewhere, sometime, Morgan Freeman is narrating your life. Every movie Morgan Freeman has been in has been the most expensive to pay for, yet the most profitable, because Morgan Freeman's voice turned everything he was standing next to into gold. Every time Morgan Freeman cried, it rained in heaven. Every freckle on Morgan Freeman's face represents a fallen angel that lusted after his voice. The Most Interesting Man in the world is, in fact, not the most interesting man in the world, he is simply the most interesting man besides Morgan Freeman, and he does not drink Dos Equis, only the tears of those touched by his voice. Morgan Freeman cannot be cloned, that would take the tears of a unicorn. When Morgan Freeman makes eye contact with himself in a mirror, that mirror becomes a portal to heaven for as long as he maintains it. Morgan Freeman has never raised his voice. As his voice is actually telepathic, you can never speak louder than him. Penguins never existed until Morgan Freeman narrated March Of The Penguins. Morgan Freeman wasn't born black, he customized his own appearance.
  17. This is confusing the crap out of me. Mods, why you do dis?
  18. MATW himself has the exact copy of the document I saved, there ARE no flaws.
  19. i haven't gotten points for a few of my guys, and i think poirier even had a bonus... what i'm saying is, you guys are racist against serbians I did a HUGE recount, and made SURE not to forget any bonuses, or any points, and by the time I was done with it, all the math was 100% correct. I handed the game standings over to Me_Against_The_World, so now it's his deal.
  20. I just realised the new breed are on their way in ^^ inb4brights9000thaccount r_a_p_music? hahaha, NO idea yet.
  21. I just realised the new breed are on their way in ^^ inb4brights9000thaccount
  22. can't accept that you are not in first I'm Guessing :S its your post anyways One of my guys lost, and nobody of yours even fought.
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