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  1. You should have another option in there....."It depends" I am a big JBJ fan and what he did was too much. Even after the push JBJ should have just stood there and smiled or laughed it off, settle it in the cage. It appears Cormier is easily rustled and gotten to.....Cummins got to him and he pushy like a little bullied school kid, JBJ got to him and he again pushes. I little push or smack talking never really hurt nothing, but getting down and throwing punches or kicks before or after a fight simply sours the whole MMA image of respectful/professional fighters.
  2. That brawl was AWESOME!!!! Yet wrong because of some potential consequences. I cannot wait for this!!! JBJ gonna make a fool outta DC.
  3. Here ya go, Vitor. You're welcome. I'd still bang with my crying wife desperately trying to pull me off that WIN^
  4. Weidman did look average.....then i realized that was because he spent a lot of time chasing. Weidman still a serious threat with those who engage early on and not run.
  5. It is pathetic....most women are wannabe fighters, once in a blue moon will a real serious girl fighter come along like Rhonda.
  6. LMAO! Most women are wannabe fighters......once in a blue moon you will get a real serious girl fighter like Rhonda........pathetic!
  7. If I had to bet my entire pay cheque on this fight I would have to go with Jon Jones. Their last fight was awesome to watch but Jones had Gus badly hurt after that spinning elbow and at the end of the fight both fighters were swinging but Gus was just struggling to stand at that point. I imagine Jon's camp have gone over the tape of their last fight a million times. I would suspect that their next game plan won't be to try and out box Gus. This fight is going to be either against the cage with Jon trying to slice with his elbows or on the ground. Kind of no brainer for Gus's camp. Gus needs to keep the distance, stuff the take downs, roll off the fence and let his jabs fly. What I dread is if both fighters come into this fight too afraid to lose. You see it more and more in the UFC these days. When both fighters fear the other guys power you get stalemates. Jones just stood in phone booth range with Glover '1 punch KO power' Teixeira for 25 min.... JoGOD Jones is afraid of nothing. This^ Gus has nothing and JBJ gonna send a message to all the haters.
  8. If weidman can get his hands on Machida, he wins. If Machida dances around, throws combos while avoiding takedowns....he wins. This could go either way but I will be rooting for Weidman.
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