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  1. lmao who made this card, we need joe silva's dumb **** back
  2. Yeahhhhh u need a ban @mods take care of this
  3. no idea how u arent perma banned by now
  4. Khabib tweets "no comment" after watching ferguson vs gaethje. Obviously because he doesn't want to fight any of those beasts. That ankle diving crotch sniffing piece of **** can would have quit in round 1 before getting his big **** dagestan monkey cranium caved in by any of these 2 real fighters.
  5. Herb saved Tony from any further brain damage that was so ****ing hard to watch holy ****........
  6. I actually did tap to it. i quit that job (long time ago) and rested and did physical therapy which reduced pain and other debilitating things by about 20%. My hands are still trash but nowhere near as bad as they were.
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