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  1. UFC will protect Chimaev at all costs that's why they are having him fight another over hyped bum in Edwards who will probably beat him any ways. Holland would knock his rat lip & chin strap off straight back to europe.
  2. holding on for dear life vs a 5 day late replacement. Not a good look for RDA
  3. That depends on how many instagram and twitter followers he gains if he can beat Leon.
  4. Only cuz Cumzat Chimaez has such a draw potential with the muslim fans. If Cumzat Chimaez was a randy white or black dude they'd book it. Dana gotta protect that potential cash cow
  5. Dana should Let Khaos Williams destroy the Cumzat Chimaez hype train
  6. Greg Hardy would be unbeatable if he had my cardio,fight IQ,striking, and grappling skills.
  7. i remember in highschool during wrestling practice i had to wrestle my coach who was a tank and wrestled at purdue. he slammed tf outta me and torqued my neck super bad and i had to wear a neck brace for 2 weeks some of the worst pain of my life. im sure this dudes neck is much worse
  8. smh i knew you'd like the second clip where he was role playing as condit and running for his dear life the whole time
  9. gus,reyes,stipe,ng are all cans now though
  10. izzy needs to fight jon jones no one else
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