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  1. smh i knew you'd like the second clip where he was role playing as condit and running for his dear life the whole time
  2. gus,reyes,stipe,ng are all cans now though
  3. izzy needs to fight jon jones no one else
  4. dude...i noticed his gyno too
  5. why does izzy look like he has gyno now
  6. happy to see my GF Paris Hilton tweeting about this event
  7. oh i didnt know Reyes lost to volkan I never would have bet on him. Jon Jones must suck to get beat by Dom.... weird
  8. Gj Jan i will gladly eat my words the polish power is real god damn!
  9. damn is the polish power real i give Jan that first round... hope i dont have to eat my words
  10. Jan owes Josh Barnett royalties for trying to look like him
  11. ty tony hawk for sponsoring this event
  12. Jan gonna have to get super lucky to win this
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