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  1. Another wonderful quote from the man Rampage nicknamed "Smelly" on the ultimate fighter, Mike Dolce. Hope it's not fighters on the dolce diet Stephie is talking about. :eek:
  2. You don't read too well so I won't bother typing very much for you. "I just have this idea that blueberries' date=' although great for fighting cancer, are not optimal for athlete" - Me " But saying some dumb **** about you don't know if blueberries are good for athletes has got to be one of the dumbest things I've ever heard." - You There is a difference between the thing I wrote, and the thing you interperted. Good luck. Sounds like he's swapping out functional muscle mass for water weight, making everyone think their weight cut was easy(which it was, because cutting water is easy) but when it comes to fight time... Wheres those muscles you needed to stuff the takedown? It's statistically proven heavily muscled guys gas, and leaner guys have more endurance... so if anyones able to understand what im saying: 1) The Dolce Diet is a farce, and is no more efficient than removing half the protein/calories from a fighter's diet to make him smaller in general, Making his cut easy. 2) Increasing the latest fad "superfoods" to make them believe this organic lettuce at 3$ will make them a better fighter than the 99cent lettuce. 3) Filling them up with water so before the real cut days, they weigh the exact same as they did prior to the dolce diet. And during cut time, remove the water.(easy cut) A psychological effect, not a physical improvement. Functioning muscle replaced by water to make fighters believe they'd perform as well just because of the numbers on the scale. 4) All fighters on the dolce diet looked noticeably less muscular than they were before it. On weigh-ins and fight time. And a skinny bicyclist will always "feel great" and better than a power lifter. That's where the "I felt great in there" after a fight comes from. Skinny rampage said it. Skinny thiago said it. Skinny Chael said it. After their losses. I think that's the 4 core shenanigans of the Dolce Diet. Mike Dolce, failed in mma 5wins10losses... fails in dieting. Sneaky little italian...
  3. Chael looked drained during weigh-ins and much smaller than he did during Silva 1. We know the result of Silva 2 while on the dulce diet. The problem with that is... you can make a guy less massive during his entire camp. Weight cutting is easier of course, after that. And according to these posts on this thread, he substitutes muscle mass with tons of water, making the cut easier, of course. But what do fighters need more to perform? Functioning muscle mass, or water weight?
  4. only if it's john wayne toilet paper.
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