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  1. He might think about dropping now... Hmmm ????
  2. ^ Its hard to converse when people contradict themselves within a sentence.
  3. ^ Or how many beers he drinks, or gallons he puts in his RV during training camp
  4. ^ Actin like my threads is on proactive and they just don't bump !!
  5. Duffy dethrones Conor at 155 and drops to 145 to dethrone again.. That would be sweet within two fights ..
  6. ^ Thank you for the last bump I slipped one spot, but you saved me again !!
  7. Or you could ignore it .. Or go make an actual UFC thread of your own .. Or keep my threads up top with yur freddieness .. Or ...
  8. http://forums.ufcfightclub.com/topic/185176-freddie-stop-spamming-please/?do=findComment&comment=4115160 Thanks freddie
  9. What about they love to fight ? Its been in their blood for long time .. And its hard to say your done until you know for sure .. Chuck didn't want to believe it either.. Then he racked up Loss after loss and he knew .. I don't think a record is everything to a fighter.. If so majority of the roster would disappear like TheSinisterUrge's shoulders
  10. Who cares if your him ? The time n effort put in when he hasn't been fighting .. What's all that for ? Do i have to break down the list for potential possibilities? No !! Just use your imagination .. In fact one REAL possibility could have been the drug testing .. Now that they have done "better" maybe he feels safe'pierre again ? Hard telling .. When the last time gsp fought Lawler ? All them what ifs and you can't grasp one being viable ?
  11. 1. To be Champion again 2. Make more money 3. Reignite fame 4. Super Fights 5. Test his new skills 6. For his fans 7. Piss Dana off 8. That enough for you ?
  12. http://www.mmamania.com/2016/1/1/10699732/georges-st-pierre-trainer-rejects-dana-white-cynicism-says-canadian Personally i feel GSP should use this opportunity to clown Dana. Comeback win the title and split to Bellator !! Dana would be furious !! We have yet to see someone pull this type of antic off !! Don't know if I really wanna see him fight anymore though.. Hopefully if he does comeback he has moved away from so many takedowns .. Wanna see the karate skillz .
  13. I only see this being a big deal to his fans .. everyone else can care less .. a WW move means he doesnt have to run through the lower tier of the division again .. then no show when it matters beer drinking + RV trips > Champion
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