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  1. And I thought racism was bad down here in the South. It ain't nothing like this.
  2. I don't want to forget. It would be a dishonor to the men who fought and died alongside me, and it would be similar to the matrix. Being ignorant of reality isn't necessarily a good thing. I want to remember the horrors of war because it was a humbling experience. At the same time it's the only reason I am awake right now because I woke up screaming at 1AM and my heart was racing too hard to stay lying down.
  3. I am not a fan of Mitt Romney, nor am I a fan of Obama. When trying to determine which one I would rather vote for, I find myself trying to figure out which one I dislike less. I just now saw the poster for Carlos Condit and Georges St-Pierre and immediately had similar emotions. I never liked GSP, because of how boring his fights were and because many times it was blatantly obvious that he outclassed his opponent but was too scared to attempt a legitimate finish or aggressive stance. I used to want to see anyone beat GSP, and had hopes that Carlos Condit would be able to pull off the upset. But after Carlos Condit spent 5 rounds running from Nick Diaz for a controversial win, my opinion of him is at an all-time low. Not because I am a Nick Diaz fan, but because of how weak in character that "strategy" was, and as a paying customer, that was arguably the worst "title fight" I've ever witnessed. The fact that he refused to fight other opponents afterwards defeats the entire purpose of an interim belt too. Just a very greedy, unlikable fighter. In the end, I'm split on which one I dislike more. I don't want to replace one boring champion with another boring champion.
  4. I find him entertaining to watch in a comedic way. Like when he only wants to train for like an hour a day -- maybe heavy weights can get by with this, but his lightweight/welterweight guys? **** no. Then when he waits until after his guy loses to bring up the possible weight issues with the other team's fighter. That had me laughing so hard because he was basically trying to say he wanted the fight disqualified without actually saying it.
  5. I do agree there, that his opponents were hand-picked. Roy Nelson said that the WWE title was basically set up for Brock to win, and when I thought about it it seemed true. His opponents were almost hand-picked to cater to his style. A lot of people feel the same way about Chuck Liddell. He was basically a really good striker with awesome take down defense against a ton of grapplers with no stand-up skills. I'm also not saying strength > skill, but I have noticed that there are a few champions whose physical fitness level seems to be one of their most important assets (I consider GSP, and Randy Couture to be prime examples lol -- they were both always able to rag doll people who may or may not have out skilled them).
  6. I recently watched the "Like Water" documentary about Anderson Silva, and his friends said that he has been training in MMA-style fighting for nearly 20 years. This means by the time that he made his pro-debut he had over 10 years of fighting experience. Floyd Mayweather is similar in this regard, as he had over 100 Amateur fights before his pro debut (compared to Pacquio who made his pro-debut with less than 3 fights). With this taken into account, Anderson Silva and Floyd Mayweather's pro-debuts, and flawless records aren't entirely accurate. Silva got knocked out by an amateur boxer, and despite what Mayweather claims, he has lost many fights (they just weren't pro). When you consider the fact that most up and coming fighters have less than 3 years of experience (Chris Weidman would be a perfect example given the current subject), it is not surprising that someone with 20 years of experience looks God-like compared to them. I still think that Anderson Silva is the GOAT, and it's unlikely we will ever see anyone with over 10 years of MMA experience make a pro-debut due to how mainstream MMA is now. But when you stop and think about it, calling Anderson Silva's talent "unnatural" isn't realistic. He just happened to have existed "off the grid" and training in modern MMA duing a time period where almost no one else was.
  7. In our lifetimes? I figure he is like Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant, basically someone who only comes along once every generation??? What do you guys think? I don't see anyone in the current UFC roster rising to his status, and being able to maintain it for so long.
  8. The only strategy would be for Nick Diaz to hang back and wait for Carlos to engage so he could counter. Which Carlos would so very tentatively again. I would be bored out of my mind, and have no interest in watching that. If Carlos actually agreed to fight Nick Diaz for real, it would be entertaining as hell, but homie is scared.
  9. um, he has acne on his back? im 28 years old and ive never had acne on my back. not once.
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