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  1. Some grade-A Alex Jonesing there bud... Big ego, cocaine, too much money. Conor is going down Jon Jones lane, faster than the OG... Sad... G him TFO of UFC
  2. Conor can go f**k himself for all I care. I hope he will never fight again... The trash-talk and the show is fine, but to actually f**k up other fighters chance to do their job? Because of what? That is messed up. Get him out of the UFC... And out of MMA as a whole too btw Imho
  3. I´d like to see Rockhold vs Romero. Knda think Rockhold looks a bit sloppy though, maybe a bit full of himself? When he´s on his A-game he´s really good, but I think Bisping kinda broke him... We´ll see... Bisping´s gonna retire after GSP is my bet, as a GOAT...
  4. In that case I´m guessing Gus vs Volkan will be next, winner meets DC
  5. I don´t even want to comment on ****head Jones roids, it´s just tragic so I´m moving on... I´m thinking Gus vs Volkan for the belt, Winner defends title vs DC. Those three are pretty much the LHW-division now...
  6. Magerget


    Waitwut? Khabib a no-show? What a surprise... Great fighter, **** discipline and **** ethics. And kind of a whiner... If he can't get a hold of himself, the UFC need to cut him...
  7. There was a time that I respected your opinion... Greatest WW of all time? You're delusional... He is marginally better than Ellenberger... Marginally...
  8. Magerget

    Wow! Just, wow...

    So you wouldn't buy this fight? **** please...
  9. Magerget

    Wow! Just, wow...

    Well, haters gonna hate I guess... You'll pay for the ppv's, you'll pop your popcorn, you'll chill your beers and you'll watch this fight. And you'll cheeer for someone to lose... You'll probably hate yourselves for doing it, but anyway... You will do that, no matter what you're saying here on these here internets...
  10. Magerget

    Wow! Just, wow...

    Just watched the Bisping vs GSP- presser... I LOVE this fight. Two of my all time GOATS, squaring off? If you don't love this fight, you don't love the show of the fightgame. Yes, Romero should be the one to fight Bisping. Yes GSP should be fighting somone more "lowlevel". That's what the SPORT of fighting should be. And I normally am a proponent of that way of thinking Sport should always be a game of achievment and record. But right now, I'm gonna say that my obvious doublestandard is just doubling the standard. Why? BECAUSE I WANT TO SEE THIS FIGHT!! Who doesn't? Yes, a lot of folks thinks GSP is all lay'n'pray, which isn't wrong, but Bisping is no slouch who's gonna take that. And GSP ain't no slouch on his feet either. Well, three years ago at least, let's see what his time off the game has done to him... I'm thinking this has all the ingredients to be FOTY, if not FOAT... Classic standup vs grappler. Classic fight-iq vs heart. Classic trashtalk vs "style" I love both of these fighters, haven't decided who I'm rooting for yet. (Leaning Bisping) I'm fu**ing stoked!! Good job ufc!!
  11. Magerget

    Rousey vs nunes 207

    So you take a break for a year+ after your first devastating loss, where you also lost the belt. After a year you automatically get a chance at gold. No top-five or even top-ten matches to prove that you´re actually back... Seems legit and on par with UFC-logic... Why can not Pena or Zingano (who actually beat Nunes before) get a chance at gold? Rousey should obviously get back at Holm before even be in the picture of getting the belt... UFC is the Rhonda-McGregor Ltd nowadays... In my very humble opinion... #stupid
  12. "I have money, I have money" "People are stupid" "They just like to see expensive stuff on instagram, probably" Great stuff!!
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