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  1. All true, that god goof has a terrible do and diarrhea of the mouth. and watching him fight Weidman off the juice really exposed how fraudulent the last 3 years have been
  2. Alistair Overeem is a smug arrogant jackoff. So delusional that he actually thinks he's still a contender. It's Funny listening to Dana White and the fans very concerned when some of the older fighters start taking too much damage. Like the UFC Retiring Chuck after Being ko'd 3 times, and the concern people had when BJ was taking too many shots in his latest fights, then Dana retires Big Nog, those are but a few, and there are many more........ BUT Alistair Overeem has been ko'd or tko'd 9 times(many brutal) that's not even counting the beatings he took in K1 and Guess what??......Absolutely nobody gives two ****s if he takes too much damage.......WHY IS THAT?.......Because he is an arrogant cheating **** Head.......and I for one agree that he stays,as long as he remains on the roster ,there is a chance I can watch him get destroyd yet again , in fact in a couple of months JDS will get his turn , and if Rothwell Bigfoot and Brown were able to stop him imagine what Junior will do with one of those big uppercuts.....One thing a guy can always count on is that Reem will be ready 6 months later to get beat on all over again.....Because he has valid excuses for all the times he got stopped.
  3. Yep agreed Shields would take Brown down and sub him out , the old marquartd would beat Brown (but not the one who's been fighting lately), but styles make fights, , if Lombard was smart (which he is not)he would grapple brown and try to win that way, Because if he bangs .he better get brown outta there very early before Browne puts a pace on him he can't keep up to.
  4. Lombard would get killed by Rory and Brown.....He simply does not have the cardio, and he gives up a ton of reach to both guys......I am still trying to figure out what people see in the guy, yeah he rag dolled shields a bit, if the Lombard that fought Burkman shows up against the top guys in the division , he won't stand a chance.
  5. OMG i have not been around in a while, warwest must have lost a bet......Well now i have seen everything.....AT least he didn't welch.....Honorable guy.......Took the loss like a man!!.....He's gotta be pretty sour about it though LOL
  7. because he has beat multiple top 10 welterweights,how many top 10ers has your boy Matt Brown beat .......I will tell you....NOT EVEN 1.His fight with Lawler was very close too.....How many times has Bromn been subbed like 10......Just watch Tarec is gonna body brown , back to the trailer park and the prelims.....BELIEVE IT.
  8. Weather it was a robbery or not,I really can't stop laughing at how ****y Johny will be.......Heres hoping we see Rory vs Lawler 2 instead of Lawler vs Hendricks 3........So happy for Lawler
  9. I Love weidman , he's got the full package,and I would bet he would have GNP'd vitor to a pulp even if Vitor was still on TRT and whatever else he took , but in a way WTG makes a guy feel dirty about beig a fan, seeing Silva on that stretcher over and over again, every time WTG posts is TRULY CLASSLESS,.........GET A LIFE
  10. edh1

    Faber vs Edgar

    tucans Except striking , grappling , and overall toughness
  11. What are you doing to prepare to see someone who is Immortal fight? Nine days away from being completely exposed..........Gonna be a lot of sad guys around this forum, but he's getting stopped.He' might make it exciting for a minute , but his destruction is inevitable.
  12. I just dont see how this fight could be boring! 2 killers, 2 guys who move forward and love to bang and in my opinion it will be a war from the moment they close the cage. On the other hand, I think it will be very quick as they will start to exchange right away. Thoughts ? I just dont see how this fight could be boring! 2 killers, 2 guys who move forward and love to bang and in my opinion it will be a war from the moment they close the cage. On the other hand, I think it will be very quick as they will start to exchange right away. Thoughts ? Lawler is gonna light Matt up and finish him early, and guess what, it won't be very close...........It will be a very surprising wake up call to Brown and many of the people in this forum.Matts a good fighter with lots of heart, Robbie is a great fighter with just as much , and waaay more skill....and an iron chin.It might be competetive for a couple minutes , then Lawler will pull away,......Then it will be all over but the crying
  13. Isn't it possible Weidman just has his number, and Silva could still destroy most middleweights.
  14. Wanderlei would beat the **** of of rockhold. Wanderlei would showtime kick that can. Wandy would get molested by ****hold. Lol Would Rockhold beat Weidman? No. But beating Wanderlei is 100 times easier than beating Weidman. Neither guy would stand and bang with Wanderlei so you're probably right. Picking Wandy apart, subbing him , hell even fighting in the pocket , Wandy gets whooped by any top MW or LHW.He's a legend for sure , but he's got nothing left .Rockhold , Jacare, Silva, Machida, Weidman, Vitor .......Wandy has absolutely no business getting in the ring with these guys. Belfort would destroy him , Hell even Bisping would outpoint him in a rematch, Kennedy too.He's gonna have to resort to Tim Boetch kind of guys.........And yes even Sonnen would have beat him .........Having said all that, his prime was exactly the same time as chucks.......It's amazing he wants it anymore, living in the past.
  15. Wanderlei would beat the **** of of rockhold. hahaha.......CRAZY TALK
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