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  1. It was just a locker room convo that took place the other day.
  2. First off, I would like to apologize for that time I smoked too much of the heefer and "off topiced" everybody's posts. It was really funny at the time but I got carried away and didn't think everyone would notice. Anyway, one of my friends is a pro fighter, and he thought that Hendricks won the fight. You should have seen the look I gave him(it was a face palm without the face palm). We were all laughing in the changing room and I wasn't 100% sure whether or not I was being trolled. Didn't GSP win 3 rounds? Isn't 3 bigger than 2?
  3. First he needs to learn how to not **** himself up
  4. MetatronBJJ

    When can I train?

    I hope he comes back, but I hope he doesn't pull a Chuck Liddell
  5. I'm HIGH Woo HOOOOO!!! .....to stay on topic...I love MMA and the UFC, and if you don't then go watch tennis or something I love mma thats why it hurts when i see the state of the sport... stay high ignorance is obviously bliss It is what it is. You know this. It's not perfect as is most things.
  6. I'm HIGH Woo HOOOOO!!! .....to stay on topic...I love MMA and the UFC, and if you don't then go watch tennis or something
  7. bad judging and scoring...bad reffing ...... juiced fighters........, nods before knock outs..... think i have seen enough of ufc nothing could make me believe from what i have seen in the last few years that the ufc want to sort out it's problems with scoring judges or reff's. but why.... deuces
  8. No. I'm black and poopskin is ok. If your skin color resembles poop then you better accept that ****(no pun intended)
  9. fyi, Black people aren't really black....
  10. Silva vs Weidman....Weidman earned his ghetto pass
  11. I saw the TDD Page had in the Jon Jones fight. If he is the same Rampage, then it will be a long night for Tito. But really though, does anybody know what Rampage is going to show up? is he even motivated?
  12. If I was jones, I would be more scared of JDS then Can Velasquez I think he can handle both of them but his biggest strength might be his biggest weakness. He has long limbs ready to get snatched a la Belfort. JDS is a BJJ black belt. Just because we don't see him fight off his back doesn't mean he can't.
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