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  1. Dan Hooker distance knee KO round 1
  2. Magny/RDA, Ngannou/Stipe, Oliveira/Felder
  3. Let Magny smash edwards
  4. LayDownDead

    Bye bye Yoel

    Yoel sucks, won't even get the belt in bellator
  5. Chimaev is terrified of that fight. He’ll only take top 3 fighters now, even though he’s beaten absolutely no one. Magny would have smashed him
  6. not a finish but a 30-24 dec win. If you know charles, that's actually more impressive!
  7. I think I might be switching my pick from DO BRONX sub round 1 to DO BRONX KO round 1. got a feeling we might see something spectacular tonight
  8. Since Chuckie added that guy to his corner that just says "don't quit" over and over, he has NEVER quit in a fight
  9. We were day 1 fans, the rest of these jabronies are allowed nowhere near the bandwagon
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