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  1. Oh my god, yes!!!!! See ya! Conor vs Dustin for the belt
  2. Conor still knocks him clean out in the rematch
  3. All the idiots saying Gaethje had good TDD pre-fight, turn in your badge and your gun
  4. Justin gassed faster than I’ve ever seen a guy gas
  5. Well, guess who isn't a D1 wrestler lmfao
  6. AKA is full of weight cheats, not a surprise
  7. is he aware that Johnny Walker, a brazilian, got a top 5 guy after beating nobodies?
  8. Okay, that was legitimately one of the best KOs in UFC history
  9. I figured Pena could wrastle Germaine, but clearly like Kimbo she has evolved
  10. And I made money on him and you lost it. Funny how that works
  11. This is true, but court’s applesauce brain should never be counted on
  12. This is a 7% change in vig included win prob, so not that much. About the same as going from -150 to -110 Do you even bet, bro?
  13. If you put any amount of money on court, you’re a smooth brain loser that needs to get help
  14. Wouldn’t matter, you lost the bankroll on costa my mans
  15. Dude’s terrified of neil’s 8” great American challenge going deep in his angus. Knows he’d lose that fight easy, so he’s calling out every washes up bum this side of the Mississippi
  16. Me and clegg run this chit. Only marks thought that bum costa had a chance
  17. Costa lost to Marcio "Lyoto" Alexandre Jr, a cut UFC WW, so masvidal prob point fights him to a decision tbh
  18. Another day, another day that Hazmat Suit hasn't signed the contract to fight Neil. I wonder why???
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