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  1. California Reparations coming soon with 110% support from the Harris/ Biden ticket : #1- open borders w/ free healthcare & education for illegals #2- raise taxes by 4 trillion and rescind the Trump tax cuts #3- defund the police and take-away your guns #4- re-enter Paris Agreement #5- pro late term abortion #6- NGD/ co-authored by Harris #7- pro reparations #8- Democrats will abolish the suburbs (Cory Booker) #9- Biden will shut down the country again (Covid) with a mask mandate #10- Biden is pro-China Freddie says >
  2. I watched Biden do that CNN Penn/ Ohio train stop thingy this morning, there was approx. 30 people at the first stop (mostly reporters), ... Biden starts bragging on the booming economy that the Obama adminisration left Trump & how he ran it into the ground (fact-check that whopper amigos) Obama/ Biden's GDP growth in their 8th yr. was barely 2% (lowest in American history)-
  3. Those mf's make roast beef out of dairy cows .. ordered a RB sandwich @ Bennigans, > spit it out ! 👉true story-
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