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  1. The bet is about who is more informed, you spewed that Biden won both debates 👈 total bullchit up there with Biden's performance, he was losing PA 2 days later
  2. It's a mod ban dummy, they pull the acct, plug * we can do a 6 month acct ban ?
  3. If Trump wins, liberals like the CAN will say 75 MILLION Americans are misinformed and got it wrong- 🖕
  4. He's so well informed that he won't bet av or acct. * I painfully watched a CNN forum with four Black key podsters, all 4 said they're not voting for Biden, .. they're voting for Harris 🙃
  5. when Taivasa jumped up on the cage he accidentally kicked Struve in the head, .. Struve fell over lol-
  6. you got Biden winning both debates and the media polls have him up at least 4 pts, should be an easy win, ... acct. bet is good ! Biden wins & I leave, Trump wins, you leave .... done > take note mods-
  7. put up or stfu, av bet CANadian ?
  8. needed that one more than air- 💲
  9. you slurpin' that lib kool-aid too Biden's drug fix wore off half way through the 1st debate and he denied his flip-flops that are on video (6 pinocchios) lmfao ..... try actually watching the debates
  10. -the only place you hear that is MSDNC, try a dose of a non-partisan reality pod- Today, Harris tried to walk back over half of what he panic spewed at the debate lol .
  11. Biden acquired 6 Pinocchios for a performance that could hurt him more than his pedo son's laptop
  12. 2020/ good movie ⭐⭐⭐/ the Canadian legend Greene is excellent as the head of his clan-
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