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    7 minutes ago, MoZZez said:

    0 day for me

    Permanent for you?


    I dont bet. If you haven't caught onto that the last 12 years then I dont know what to say.


    If you're so sure, just say you'll leave if Trump loses. If you are so sure that should be any easy thing to say because you dont believe Trump can lose.

    Hell, you think he's going to decimate Biden and gain 14 million votes.


    So why can't you say you would leave if Trump loses, you must believe there is a 0% chance of it happening right?


    The bet is about who is more informed, you spewed that  Biden won both debates 👈 total bullchit up there

    with Biden's performance, he was losing PA 2 days later

  2. 27 minutes ago, MoZZez said:

    Zerk isn't going anywhere because he doesn't have enough trust in Trump to leave if he loses. He wants a bet that he knows the opponent won't accept so he will pretend like he would have, but he's too much a chicken **** to leave if Trump loses.


    It's a mod ban dummy, they pull the acct, plug


    * we can do a 6 month acct ban ?



  3. 27 minutes ago, MoZZez said:

    AV bet? Jesus man are you 12?

    I've said for awhile that Joe can lose, the more the idiot opened his mouth,the worse it is for him.


    If you are so sure Trump slam ducks this, put up or shut up yourself. Bet the forum you'll eat crow and leave if Trump loses.


    I think Joe will win by the current numbers but wouldn't bet a penny that the dumb **** will blow it.


    You're so sure, so put your account on the line against nothing. Let's see how much you truly believe your idiocy.


    you got Biden winning both debates and the media polls have him up at least 4 pts,  should be an easy win, ... acct. bet is good !

    Biden wins & I leave, Trump wins, you leave .... done > take note mods-

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  4. 20 minutes ago, MoZZez said:

    Harris is walking back their lies and Trump is loving his?


    Trump lost the first debate so bad he had to act like someone different than the toddler hi is, in the second debate.

    The second one he was ok, but at best its a draw.

    Anyone who thinks Trump won either is just some boot licker


    you slurpin' that lib kool-aid too

    Biden's drug fix wore off half way through the 1st debate and he denied his flip-flops that are on video (6 pinocchios) lmfao

    ..... try actually watching the debates

  5. Just now, 12еr said:

    Only in your fairy tale world. Trump got destroyed here on earth.


    -the only place you hear that is MSDNC,  try a dose of a non-partisan reality pod-

    Today, Harris tried to walk back over half of what he panic spewed at the debate lol .

  6. 15 minutes ago, OmoGOAT said:

    Lol wut. Trump came off a bit unhinged while body slamming Biden in the first debate, but he still won. Trump cleaned that up and absolutely trashed Biden the entire second debate.


    Biden acquired 6 Pinocchios for a performance that could hurt him more than his pedo son's laptop

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